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4 oktober 2022

If there was a 0 star option I would give it that. The customer not helpful at all, only replies when they want to. Very pushy when it comes to reviews. Was asked to leave a 5 star review by 2 different customer support agents on my first day of using this app. Lot of bugs with the app as well. Initially the customer service was superb. Mostly replying within a few minutes but on my second day of use I waited over an hour but still not reply. The estimated reply time was set to be less then 1 minute. Very disappointed.

Paw Haven
1 dag gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 25 mei 2023

Not compatible with what I want to do on my site. Never made the subscription fee back. Overpriced for what it can do. Honestly I'm surprised a regular Shopify site can't do some of the basic pricing things. Plus hours of time talking to support (nice folks - only reason why its 2 stars) only to hear "sorry we can't do what you need" which mostly seemed like obvious use cases to me... sorry folks

Updated review - lowered it to 1 star because the app was *with no deals even activated* causing pricing errors on my site in the cart. its just one problem after another with this app :(

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11 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 14 september 2023

Previous review - The customer service for this app is second to none. Nivi was really fast in helping reinstalling the app I had after updating my theme.

I take back what I said. When there is a real issue like incorrect currency showing for customers or products in cart showing as $0.00 the customer service disappears. Hav had to delete app after sales going down 39%

Verenigd Koninkrijk
12 maanden gebruiken de app
14 augustus 2023

"This Shopify app has the absolute worst support I've ever come across. I'm beyond frustrated with their lack of responsiveness. It's like talking to a brick wall – they never reply on time, and even when they do, it's as if they're selectively choosing which messages to ignore. I've been patient and waited for a response for the last 5 days, but it's been nothing but disappointment. I expected a certain level of customer service, especially when using a paid app, but this experience has been a total letdown. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere for an app with better support and timely assistance."

Big Y Fly Co
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30 juni 2023

after install tried and found it nothing i could use. but also it broke alot on my webshop. How its possible after installation, just show its not good

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13 september 2023

Terrible, messed up our cart page. Adjustments to cart items with the plus and minus button now duplicates the product inside the cart, removing the product also duplicates it again. They should be removed from the app store list for this terrible code corruption, so rookie. PLEASE FIX NOW!

PureClean Performance
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Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 5 april 2023

There is no YouTube Tutorial, also, waiting time for Customer service is not always "under a minute" as stated in their chat box.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
6 dagen gebruiken de app
2 maart 2023

I installed and it was just blank. TRASH you want me to write more but you unfortunately just lost a sale. Sorry for the harsh words. FIX IT

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18 november 2022

I was talking to the customer support person Ravi for the entire week this week and she still failed to fix my problem. The app will not work with different currencies.

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6 dagen gebruiken de app
16 augustus 2022

We used this for a while with some success, however it then began giving 100% off discounts to our customers with no explanation. We urgently wrote in to Shopacado, and they immediately stated this was an issue with Shopify. After days of lost money, and investigation from Shopify, they determined it was indeed this Volume Discount app causing customers to receive 100% off. We went back to Shopacado whose reps only reluctantly accepted responsibility. They then disappeared from the chat for over 24 hours. When we finally reached them, they said "we're working on it". To make matters worse. even disabling the app left our script broken. Seems like it would have been a great thing had the developers cared, but our experience is that the risk by far outweighs the gains with this one.

The Original Underground
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