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9 januari 2023

This app works very well. However, you should test it because all of the volume price apps can make the shopify discount box disappear. This was the case with me but they fixed it right away and did not stop helping until I was done. It was replacing another app in my store that did not work with 2.0. Another thing I learned was to pick the type of discount - in my case I picked from. It works well I just wanted to point out to install it and test your cart by adding things with discounts and things without discounts. Thank you for great service!

Nutrition Education Store
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21 maart 2023

Happy with the product . Have had to spend few hours fine tuning the css and integrate, but the result is amazing. The app does exactly what I wanted and allows creating different progressive pricing for retail and trade customers. The support is helpful. The app still has few bugs that must be be fixed if you want to be serious (discount codes not working, admin interface has so many things to be improved and also found few bugs). The app should allow inverse selection (=all products minus selected products that will be disabled for this discount) . however for start the result is astonishing and I think well spent money as no need to search other app.

2 dagen gebruiken de app
7 november 2022

We were looking for a solution to Shopify's lack of codeless Buy More Save More discount options and we found that solution with the Volume & Discount Pricing App. The app allowed us to create multiple discount tiers and allow customers to simply add items to cart and have the discount applied automatically. Also, we were looking for some customizations and Nivi was super helpful! She made all the changes and tweaks were looking for and the app looks and works like a charm. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to do Buy More Save More and other tiered sale events. Eugene, Chic Home

Chic Home
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9 maanden gebruiken de app
14 juli 2023

I just installed the app, so I can't give a thorough review on the functionality but I can say the customer service is impressive. Just minutes after installing the app I went on the chat to get some help and Zarah was online within 1 minute. She was able to answer various questions and customize the theme to fit perfectly, she even gave me a few style options I was able to evaluate in real time. I was drawn to this app because there were a lot of US reviews, It seems odd a lot of other apps that seem to do the same thing have the majority of reviews overseas, how is that possible when the user base of Shopify is so much larger in the US? I dont know, but I am hopeful this will solve my goals and lead in an increase in sales.

Garden Elements
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6 juni 2023

I would definitely recommend this app, especially for non-techy people. It is effortless to use, the support is amazing and it does the work of multiple apps at a very affordable price. I have made so much more money within the first few weeks of opening my store with their bulk discount feature that I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't download this app immediately. I can't wait to continue exploring all this app has to offer!

Luxora Store
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29 augustus 2023

This app is great, out of several I have tried for bulk discounts, this one offered exactly what I needed! Nivi is very helpful when I have needed support.

I highly recommend using this app if you like to offer tiered discounts, based on product tags etc. The discount can also be dependant on product quantities or overall cart quantity, so I like that it offers flexibility for tiered discounting.

I love that there are other features that are customisable (the table and banner that display the discount to the customer) and the discount suggestion in cart, which is a potential upsell!

I found similar apps were either too complicated to use, too expensive, or they didn't offer discount flexibility, and blamed it on Shopify!

10/10 recommend using Shopacdo for tiered discounting!

Example of why I use it:

I sell Pick n Mix lollies in 100g bag sizes. I used to offer a 500g buying option for every product, but I couldn't keep track of BOTH stock counts. So I use this app to offer discounts (i.e. 10% and 15% off if my customers buy 5 or more of the same lolly!)

Lolly & Co.
18 dagen gebruiken de app
4 augustus 2023

I've recently started using the Shopacado app for Shopify, and it has been nothing short of a game changer for my e-commerce business. With a specialization in volume discounts, this app is an absolute must-have for store owners who want to incentivize bulk purchases and effectively manage their discount strategies.

Right off the bat, the user interface of Shopacado impresses with its clean, intuitive design. As a user, I could easily navigate through different functions without needing an extensive manual or support. The process of setting up the discounts is seamless, giving you full control over various parameters like discount amounts, applicable products or collections, and customer eligibility.

One of the app's standout features is its flexibility in defining discount rules. Shopacado allows for a level of customization that surpasses the norm. You can set different discount tiers based on the quantity of the items purchased, a feature that has significantly increased my average order value. It allows the freedom to experiment with discount strategies and adapt as per the customers' response.

Moreover, I noticed that the app integrates flawlessly with the Shopify store without any glitches or lags, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for my customers. It has proven to be a reliable tool, consistently offering discounts as configured, without any erroneous discount calculations or failures.

A special mention to the customer Pavi from Shopacado. Pavi has been extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and efficient in dealing with my queries. In the world of e-commerce, where time is money, such quick support is invaluable.

In terms of pricing, Shopacado offers a reasonable cost structure that is commensurate with the value it provides. Considering the impact it has had on increasing my sales, it has proven to be a profitable investment.

All in all, Shopacado has been a vital addition to my Shopify store. Its focus on volume discounts has not only improved my sales figures but also encouraged customer loyalty. This app is a testament to how technology can simplify e-commerce management. I would recommend Shopacado to all Shopify store owners who want to leverage the power of volume discounts to grow their business.

Tokyo Takeaway
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22 mei 2023

Ok, so this is THE BEST customer support I have ever had. They actually made setting up the App fun...which is an amazing thing for this technophobe person who often ends up spending days and days getting an app to look right and do what I wanted it to do. I usually don't spend money on Apps, maybe that's why the support on other apps hasn't been this good...but this is great support....I'm still setting everything up but when I've used it for a while I will come back and give the actual app a review too.....because I want to support these guys! Thank you....from a technophobe!

Ellie at Sacred Threads
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1 dag gebruiken de app
20 mei 2023

i have tried a couple other apps to create discounts. I lot of them could not handle multiple discounts in the basket. so only one or two promotions would work and the others would not pull through.

I have been using the App for over a year now and it made creating promotions or discounts so much easier. The back up service is also very good.

what is also great. you can reuse your discounts just change the active dates.

Thanks Shopacado - Volume discounts.

G.C. Gypsey Convenience Center
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
13 mei 2023

After researching various quantity discount apps, we are so glad we decided to go with Volume Discounts from Shopacado. This app offers all of the flexibility we need. It allows us to stack discounts if we want to or turn it off if we don't want to stack discounts. There are a lot of easy adjustments to match the look of the rest of our website. The price is reasonable and will certainly help increase our AOV. We received excellent support from Nivi, helping us make a few adjustments and answer set-up questions. This is a great app. I wish we would have added it to our site much sooner.

Chill Boys
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