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We were not able to estimate shipping costs before bespoke. We had to pack the boxes and then weigh them to enter info to ups and come up with a shipping charge. Each box is like a puzzle and they are all different. Many times boxes were packed and when it was a credit card customer their orders would sit in boxes while we chased down the payment. We were running out of space in the warehouse. For the bespoke app, we had to measure and weigh each of our products. Then bespoke stacks the items in our box sizes virtually and we can add the shipping charge and present the invoice to the customer. We don't pack the actual boxes until they pay. We still have to take a few minutes to go into the bespoke logs to make sure it is correct. Sometimes adjustments have to be made. This is a great app but you may need someone else to set it up for you. I told my daughter how I envisioned shipping and she found this app and did all the work to customize it for us. We have been using it since 2022.

Tula Hats

I always forget to write reviews but I specifically wanted to here. It is a little complicated to use but that's only because it has such a broad range of ways it can be implemented. We've been able offer dynamic and complicated shipping options, something we never could before. For example shipping rates that take into account the number of products in a customer cart, something that had always been an issue for us, some larger orders only paying a minimal shipping before now. Highly recommend but give yourself time to understand exactly how it all works.


Incredible support and very responsive even with a ~12 hour time zone difference. I would recommend this app just based on the outstanding support. The app does exactly what we need and precisely what was described.

Chit Chats Quebec Supplies Store

Lots of variables available and the team are amazing at creating solutions for difficult shipping situations, highly recommend they are friendly and professional, definitely the best app for CSV shipping rates.

EEP Company Europe

App can be a little overwhelming to use but that's only because it allows you to do everything and anything! App support has been super helpful and quick to respond - shout outs to Min!

Highly recommended App if you have complex shipping requirements.

Eagle Republic NZ

Used this for over 3 years and we have absolutely no complaints. It's so good that I had forgotten it exists in my backend. Does its job perfectly.

So much you can do with this app! We don't even use 10% of the functionality and still so happy with it.


Amazing app, found it when I first began and haven't stopped since, it helps me calculate accurate rates for my customers, integrate my various couriers into one platform and create complex groupings based on my business needs. Customer support is always quick to respond and helpful in sorting out my issues big or small!

Chi Herbal

Have been using this app for over 4 years.
It is perfect.
Customer support has been excellent.
Cannot flaw.
If I could give 6 stars I would.


Amazing app and even better customer service. We had some very specific shipping requirements and I really couldn't wrap my head around how to set this up. I gave a brief (and probably confusing) explanation to Min and in no time at all Bespoke was up and running. I can't recommend this app enough if you have complicated shipping requirements!

You Knead Sourdough

Difficult to set up. I've had this installed for over a year and have contacted them multiple times about helping me set this up for my shop. No one can ever offer me any tips or information about how to use this app - and they're unwilling to offer any refunds for all the money I've spent on them. I should have uninstalled forever ago. Super disappointed.

Church of Pickle
MZL Solutionsが返信しました 2023年11月10日

Hi there,

It's extremely disappointing to receive such a review, however what you have written is completely untrue, we have responded to ALL your questions and queries promptly in great detail and requested further information to try and understand your requirements in order to assist you further, you have chosen not to engage with us deliberately and have obviously received our responses.

If you do not choose to engage with us then we are unfortunately unable to assist you further.