Custom Tiered Discount

Custom Tiered Discount

par Anncode Solutions

Offer special price to each customer & group of customers

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Unlimited Quantity Breaks

Create quantity break discount rules on collections, products, and specific to their variants for your customers.

Customer Specific Discounts

Create unlimited customer groups (e.g.: Platinum, Gold members) and create different discount rules for each customer groups.

Customizable Layout

Choose from the given customizable discount layouts to display discount rules to customers at the storefront.

À propos de Custom Tiered Discount


  • Custom Tiered Discount is a unique app that allows sellers to offer special pricing to special customers and groups of customers.
  • Sellers can create customer groups such as Wholesalers, Diamond, Platinum, etc, and add customers to it from the app.
  • It allows creating different tiers for each customer group.
  • It lets sellers creating unique discount rules for each customer.
  • Custom Tiered Discount app gives the ability to offer discounts to guest customers, special customer groups, and individual customers.
  • It gives seller's options to customize the look and feel of the Discount layout that appears on the product detail page and Savings message on the Cart page.
  • Special pricing can be created on a fixed quantity and range of quantities. It gives various options to create special pricing. Sellers can offer a percentage off, a fixed amount off, or also offer a fixed price for the product.


Customer Group

Create customer groups and add customers to them. Customers automatically get assigned to a customer group without adding tags manually. Each customer group can have multiple discount rules.

Tiered Discount on Customer Groups

This feature allows sellers to create tiered discounts for each customer group. Customers under the customer group will be eligible for their respective discounts. Sellers can also create tiers for guest customers who make their purchases without logging into their accounts.

Discount Layout Grid

The discount grid helps display the discount and quantity breaks on the product detail page for each product and variant. The app comes with 5 discount grids from which you can choose to display at your storefront as per your requirement.

Customizable Discount Layout and Savings Message

The app allows you to customize the look and feel of the discount grid and savings message to make it similar to the store theme. You can also change translations of the labels and messages that are displayed through the app.


  • You can create offers for as many as customer groups.
  • Create tiered discounts for general customers.
  • Compatible with most of the Shopify themes.
  • Faster customer support.
  • FREE installation support.

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  • Quantity break rules for all customers
  • Unlimited customer groups
  • Tiers for unlimited customer groups
  • Discount rules for up to 50 products


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  • All features of Starter plan
  • Discount rules for up to 250 products


$11.99 par mois

  • All features of Starter plan
  • Discount rules for up to 1000 products


$25.99 par mois

  • All features of Starter plan
  • Discount rules for up to unlimited products

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Human Food

amazing & fast customer service - they customised the discount exactly how we wanted it which worked excellently


tuve un problema con mis productos y un asistente me ayudo a resolver esto exelente servico de rahul.

Hydrilla Gear

HIGHLY IMPRESSED! Our team compared multiple applications in order to find which suited our needs the best. All of the applications we took into consideration were either too robust and costly for our needs or stripped down and unable to accomplish what our company was looking for. After multiple conversations we felt confident in moving forward with Anncode and it's CUSTOM TIERED DISCOUNT APP. We were able to work with the development team in creating an application better suited for our use. All work was done in a timely fashion and a clear chain of communication remained open at all times. I am the owner of the company and consider myself a novice at best behind the keyboard. The Anncode staff has continued to provide support and seems to always be a mouse click away when needed. Great value and great product! A++