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25 marzo 2022

I like it for the most part. The biggest problem is when thins get discontinued. There needs to be vast improvement in letting sellers know. Items just stay on your store. You don't find out until your customer orders something. They don't even alert you, THEN. The order just languishes until you have to ask by email - What's going on with my order # 1234? A day get a response saying - We've discontinued the polo and jacket, etc... Not Fun.

Siffer Ink
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Bespoke Technologies ha risposto 30 marzo 2022

Hi! I'm Mike B and I hear you. We don't like it when manufacturers discontinue styles either! I'm sorry but we don't have admin control to add, or remove, or make changes to your products in your store. We do send at least two dedicated email announcements when a style/size/ color is discontinued. We also include any discontinued product announcements in the Thursday weekly email updates we send every week. The info is also updated in our blog and we make public announcements in our FB group. I'm not sure what else we can do but I'm sorry if you missed the announcements. If you have any questions or need any help, my direct email is

20 giugno 2018

I sell a fair amount of shirts using Custom Cat.

The system works well for me overall. For T-Shirts the turnover is fast, but sometimes there are delays with items other than standard Tee's. This can be frustrating as there is really no way to talk to anyone in the company other than Customer support, who really aren't able to help. Nowadays people are just spoiled by Amazon... they get really antsy if they have to wait 3-4 days for something to ship.

Overall, I would be very happy with the system and company if the print quality were better. The fact is, the print is just not at the level of quality you would see selling in a retail setting, (other than perhaps a discount type store). Quality control seems to be a weak spot.

As a seller, I really want to sell things I myself would be happy to buy, and in all honesty I can't say this is the case frequently with Custom Cat. I get a fair amount of returns where there's not really anything 'wrong' per se... just a general disappointment with the overall look of the print...and when I see the returned item, I'm in full agreement with the customer... it just doesn't look as good as it should.

To be fair, I've had the same issues with other printers. I almost feel that maybe POD just isn't quite ready for prime time. But there are times when it actually looks good. I would almost be willing to spend an extra buck or 2 for a 'premium' print where they aren't so stingy with ink coverage -- and had some QC in place. Since you don't actually see the shirts, You need to be able to trust that the merchandise is up to par.

I'm going to continue with Custom Cat, because the pricing is very competitive and as I've mentioned, the system works well for me. My only wish is the POD technology, or the machines/staff could produce a really consistently high quality product that I'd feel proud to sell to a friend. At this stage it's not quite there.

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13 luglio 2018

Wish I could give them more, but twice now they have sent garments out with nothing on them. Another garment was sent out with a hole and no replacement shirt to be sent out. Customers ordered black shirts with a black print or a dark ash shirt with black print, and instead of letting anyone know there was a problem, they send it out blank and say you would not see the ink. Weird, because I have printed many black on blacks and people love them. Weird that they would not contact you with an issue, then just send the customer a blank shirt, TWICE. Then, no refund, they just tell you to remove the product and quit selling. All the rest I am liking, but we just can't get over the fact that they would send two of our customers a blank shirt and act like the ink is there but you can't see it because it is black on black. These three issues have come about within selling 30 or less shirts.

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22 ottobre 2020

This app doesn't allow us to change the size of our print file. It's a bit of a turnoff. Customcat needs to fix it.

LIFT OFF by Andrew
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Bespoke Technologies ha risposto 22 ottobre 2020

Hi Andrew. We have multiple presets as well as custom positioning for every product except embroidery. Please check out the quick tutorial here : Video 3 at the 3:30 mark will walk you right through custom positioning. The default positioning is by far the most popular choice among active sellers but you can definitely "custom position" the placement anywhere within the dedicated & mapped print area shown on screen when you create the product. Please hit up if you have any questions or need help.

24 gennaio 2021

I really enjoy this services fast fulfillment times and low prices which is the main reason I stick with them HOWEVER, they are really sub par when it comes to keeping items in stock ESPECIALLY for anything in the color brown. Most of the items in my shop are printed on brown shirts, hoodies, etc. so it really hurts my business when they claim they’ll have a certain size in stock but them wait A WHOLE WEEK just to tell me they canceled my order. Some of the brown hoodies and sweatshirts haven’t restocked in over a month and I can’t even get an exact date on when they’ll be restocked. Still a pretty good service but can still use some work.

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Bespoke Technologies ha risposto 27 gennaio 2021

Hello. Your sales are totally rockin' and were pleased to be your fulfilment partner. Very similar to shortages in 4XL, 5XL & 6XL sizes, the color brown is selling out across many different styles & manufacturers. This is not limited to CC, these variants you speak of have become depleted, variant by variant, over the last few weeks. This is due to factory closures during Corona and historically high demand from on-line shoppers in late 2020. We work closely with over 50 warehouses to source apparel and we are typically the last to sell out among the major providers because of our deep network of suppliers for our 10,000+ unique variants in your catalog. We have lots of colors & sizes in stock in the hoodie you are selling. Most POD's don't right now. I'll give you a call today to discuss how we source products and do my best to help you.

4 febbraio 2018

CustomCat was fairly good but it didn't work out for my business and my target market. I know that with time their app will hopefully become better. It is a little annoying not having the possibility to use it in Safari if that's my choice. I would not miss the difficulty of the process. Also not having a 'go to' customer service in a chat here and depending on email is something that, if fixed, will turn in to better business. All my best wishes to you, but definitely not 5 star yet. Lots of potential thou!

Vamoa Viajar
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Data modifica: 25 ottobre 2019

A: Why would you send hats in a bag and not a box? Frustrated customer that would like to see this change.

B: Thank you kindly for the response. It took me a long time to figure out as I had deleted many apps and reinstalled due to an issue. I just happen to be in my final review after reinstalling and posting t shirts, etc and ran into the log files and noticed an order#. This hat was chosen from an advertiser to wear on his show. He said the hat was good other than the bag delivery and was bent out of shape.

I'll reinstall maybe and use the app. Would like to see reviews of the product while creating the appeal.

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Bespoke Technologies ha risposto 25 ottobre 2019

Thanks for your review. CustomCat ships hats with air pillows inside the cap to maintain the structural integrity during transit to buyer. We ship 500+ caps every day and the Sept report shows 2 were replaced due to damaged in transit. We stand behind our service and would always replace an order that is lost, or damaged, in transit. Your hat was delivered over 100 days ago? We typically cant replace a shipping issue over 3 months after you received the order but you can email, with a picture to illustrate any order concern, and tell Mike B said it's okay to buy you a new hat. I can also be reached at

20 aprile 2019

looking forward to install this app but want to know 1 thing product price are including shipping rates or do you charge shipping rates extra?? thank you

Mipro shopping
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