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Data modifica: 21 marzo 2018

I've been using CustomCat for several months. We had some bumps in the road with a couple of my orders and I previously posted a poor review. It's time for an update. For the last 3 months I've had access to an account rep, J.T. who has ensured all my large orders were processed timely and responded quickly to a quality issue I had on an item in a large order. Product price and selection are far better than their competitors.

Gay Pride Ts
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25 ottobre 2018

I downloaded the Customcat app to my shopify store, once my account was set up and activated I had some issues with getting to the design and product catalog pages. I gave customer service a call and the phone was answered right away by Brett one of the customer service agents. I was shocked the call was answered in two rings. Brett was great, helped fix the issue and gave me a lot of great advice on how to use their service. I will be selling various items using Customcat fulfillment. Great job so far!

Jason Kaczorowski
It's A Life Outfitters

It's A Life Outfitters
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Data modifica: 27 aprile 2020

customer service is awesome and their customer service is even better. And that's the only reason you need to join. This is a great app to use for your online store.

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26 ottobre 2017

Overall we've had a positive experience with CustomCat. The printing has been great so far and we haven't had any customer complaints. Shipping times have been reasonable and the pricing on their items is very competitive. Customer service has been great as well as they personally fixed the issues that we had with coding to fit our Shopify theme. The app is very easy to use also. Give them a shot!

For Grandparents Only
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13 maggio 2019

The app was pretty easy to set up and gives me what I need to sell t shirts online. I am not happy with the actual product, packaging and delivery. Still waiting to hear back from someone to find a solution.

The Real Thug Yoga
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18 agosto 2022

Support team was attentive and solved my problem.
However, it would be great if there is LIVE SUPPORT to cut short the waiting time. TIA :)

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19 ottobre 2018

We used this app to set up our Spotify store. Overall, it was easy to do but we did have a couple of questions because it was not clear. We called customer service and Brett and JT were very helpful. They walked us through our issues and we appreciated their time and answers.

CNAs Only
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28 novembre 2017

CustomCat has been amazing to work with. I've tried other drop shipping companies for apparel, and it wasn't a good fit. CustomCat gets right on the ball if anything isn't right for the seller or customer.

Only three things would make CustomCat hands down untouchable.
1. No monthly fee
2. Sleeve printing
3. More products, like shorts, and some other brands.

American Clothing Ink
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
21 febbraio 2018

We began our relationship with Custom Cat back in October after using another vendor for the first 10 months of our business. We were attracted to their pricing and product offerings. I was a bit skeptical to switch because our prior vendor gave us more insight into the progress of each order through it's dashboard and tracking progress to delivery is important to us. What we've experienced working with the Custom Cat team has been great! I'm most pleased with the availability and response time when issues arise. We have experienced issues of customers receiving the wrong merchandise or poorly printed merchandise, (this is the reason that the rating isn't 5 Stars) but it has been a small percentage of the whole though occurring more than we'd like. The team, a few of which I know by name, like Mike and Geena, have been highly responsive and rectified any issues quickly, processed orders manually, and listened whenever feedback was provided. They have always been kind and very helpful. Also, the turnaround time for order fulfillment has been constantly expeditious which is also very important with the pretty steady flow of our business. With about 4 months of experience working with Custom Cat, I'm really glad that we made the switch and often talk about how great it'd would've been to have started with them from the beginning. Great products, great pricing, great service! I know they are working hard to make sure that issues are minimal and appreciate their accountability and expedience when rectifying them. I look forward to revisiting this review and making it 5 stars in the future!

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14 aprile 2018

Ok Custom cat is an awesome app its easy to use great print quality nice sizes of print area.
Custom cat could benefit by adding all over print sleeves labels and i am sure they
will implement all of this.

1 draw back would be if your not selling much maybe just starting out or have a month off you have this subscription fee that many others do not.

i would lose the subs raise the prices a little add a business account with discounted pricing and subs.

So the outcome would i recommend Custom Cat YES 100% but only if your selling your designs or have money to use then its an amazing app for you.

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