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My experience with Custom Cat has been very negative!

-I placed a sample order on September 21st (just ONE product)

-The order did not process until October 7th * (11 business days later)

-As of today, October 14th, sixteen business days after I placed my order I still have not received the order and Custom Cat has been less then helpful and they are very slow to reply to messages.

This is the second sample order that I have placed. The first order took a long time to arrive and I was very disappointed with the quality. I figured I would try another product and the experience has been even worse! I am so happy that they have shown me how they do business as I can avoid making a huge mistake with my company!

* There was NO communication on my delayed orders and my billing and address was were up to date.

The Layne
Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2019年10月14日

Hi Aimee - If we can not process an order for reasons like funds not available or a missing/incomplete address, we automatically alert you via email and the order is displayed in your error queue in your dashboard. The order you are referencing was processed on the 7th of this month. Its the 1st order using a new embroidery file so we paid to have that artfile digitized for embroidery. We ordered the hat on the 8th, it arrived on the 9th and was embroidered and shipped on the 10th. Please reference your CC, or shopify dashboard, for tracking because that order did ship last week. Our stated lead time is 2-3 business days but currently, our average fulfilment time is 1.5 business days.


I used this app to upload and manage my designs. The application was very easy to use and very user friendly. The issue that I ran into was the long delivery time and the quality of the graphic print on fabric. None of the print that was placed on my t-shirts and hoodies looked crisp, even when I made sure that the resolution and dpi was correct and that the image was of high quality with basic colors. At first I thought it was a one time issue, but it continued with every order. The quality of the print just seemed to be sub par. In addition, the customer service seemed to be lacking. Many of the customer service reps seemed to be irritated by my discontent of their poor printing standards. Because of all of this, I do not recommend using this company for t-shirts, hoodies, and any other apparel.

A Hustler's Spirit
Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2020年9月16日

Thank you for your review. I see your last order was submitted over 100 days ago but I do not see any support tickets, or seller support views in your order logs for any specific order issue? I'm Mike Blotkamp, one of the cofounders of CustomCat. Please email me the order info that concerns you and I will do my best to help. My email is mikeb@customcat.com. Quality is very important to us too and I'm happy and available to address your concerns.


if i could give them -5 stars I would. Unless you want to have to replace every item for crap print quality or terrible embroidery, hard pass on this one. theres pleny other POD companies that do quality work and actually QC thier products before shipping. This company has cost me thousands of dollars in replacements because of incorrect colors and just flat out embarssing work.

in response to the comment below. the wrong embroidery color was only the final straw in literally every project being an embarassing mess. I am not new to the embroidery or POD worlds. the work you do is absolutely substandard.

FYEAH Printing
Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2019年11月11日

Hey this is Geena, we have been speaking for the last couple of weeks through support tickets. We understand your concern regarding the thread colors in the recent embroidery order. We do our best to make the design guidelines/embroidery rules readily available and have a standing offer for sellers to email any specific art files to our support team (contact@customcat.com) to confirm that they are conducive to our embroidery standards.
I also see that Brett has reached out to you. Hopefully we can come to some sort of resolution.


I'm not impressed. There are weird issues and no one answers at CC support. Probably they are too busy for new customers.

Budget Privateer
Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2019年3月4日

Hi! Actually, new customers are our favorite! We do not prioritize established stores over new stores. We have an amazing support staff that is around all day during business hours. Our support team and customer service team always responds within 24 hours. It MIGHT be 48 around Christmas time.


I don't recommend this company. I got some items for myself to check the quality and lets just say they suck! One shirt was blurry on the front, print on back was not lined up with base print to achieve the color, then faded after first wash. Second shirt about the same just front print was blown way up from what it should have been and the back was too small, as if they switched the sizes. After all that it took them a week just to ship my order and a week to get it, I paid them way too much for horrific service.

My Elevated Shopping
Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2019年9月23日

Hey! Just emailed you to your email on file. Simple solution based on how I see you uploaded your art. If you can give me a ring when you get a chance, we can help you fix this for orders moving forward.


This is one of the worst services I've ever used, the production time is too long, I have ordered from December 3rd to December 17th I have not received an order tracking code, and do not know when it is received, the shipping rate is broken and too much confusion, poor printing quality, bad design interface, unfriendly interface, long customer response time, faulty printing, cut text, excessive blurring and inaccuracy of the original design position, no refund policy for the customer, lost in transit but not refundable, if possible I will give 0.001 stars. Too disappointed


Everytime, I attempt to download from my library, I get 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. I am the owner...and also can't get any customer support for the past 4days. I have called, sent emails and still no help regarding why I am unable to download from my shopify/custom cat library after creating and uploading images. I would like this issue addressed. This is now the 5th day without contact or fix. Customer Service non-responsive and error is a problem.

She Virtuous

I used CustomCat for two months. I wish I could give them zero stars. There customer service is all about placing blame on existing customers and avoiding any responsibility for their poor printing. I had ten initial orders. One of my orders had a different company printed on my shirts. I took my products to local printing shops. The owners I spoke to were shocked that someone would ship this poor product to a customer. Garbage shirts and horrible printing. I donated the shirts to the homeless. I am shocked that Shopify has not distance themselves from CustomCat. CustomCat is bad company for Shopify. Printful, however, has been very helpful during the process. Every shirt printed by Printful was perfect.

Gringos Global
Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2019年3月11日

Hi. I am sorry you had a poor experience for your first 10 orders. We, at customcat, take immense pride in our support team. We will always take accountability if there is something that we screwed up on, although we are not perfect. We know that. We operate at a 1% replacement rate and while we are proud of this replacement rate, we are always striving to lower that number. You actually used our support email, but the issue is when we responded asking for more information, you never responded. BUT, It is not too late! If you contact us back, we can still help address this issue and rectify it.


Slow customer service response times. (Often took more than 7 days to respond even after I follow up). They recently updated the app, so there have been a lot of payment related bugs.


Do not recommend. The jobs are inconsistent and customer service is trash. If you do reach out to customer service, be prepared to be sat in the queue. They DO NOT respond in a timely manner. Jobs will come back with graphics in the wrong spot, too small or the ink colors already faded or not consistent with your actual design.

Bespoke Technologiesが返信しました 2020年8月20日

Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been the most positive, but I hope we can improve it moving forward!

We stand behind our service 100% and will replace any irregularity. We're not perfect but we do own our mistakes and make it right. Please be sure to use the envelope next to the order info in your processed order dashboard. Our team responds to active sellers who request day to day order related help quickly. You'll get a much faster response than sending to the support group who handles sales and technical assistance. Sorry for the handful off issues but we always want to work with you to make it right and were proud that over 98% of the overall orders we ship are issue free!

If there's anything we can help with or if you have any concerns, feel free to contact me directly at jt@customcat.com anytime!