Bonify Customer Account Fields

Bonify Customer Account Fields

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Advanced Customer Profiles

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Custom Registration Form

Replaces your account registration form with your own custom version. Creates a profile they can edit. Store hidden data about customers.

Fast Data Import & Export

Instant data exports, fast imports. Filter results before exporting. Integrates with Arigato Automation to handle any need.

Conditional Fields

Show and hide fields based on the answers to previous questions. Validate answers based on custom rules.

Bonify Customer Account Fieldsの詳細情報

Customer Account Profiles to Fit Your Business

Is the customer account registration form too limited? Do you need to create a robust customer account profile? Do you want to store hidden data about your customers? Do you need to import and export data about customers quickly and easily?

Total Control

Take complete control over your customer accounts with the Customer Account Fields app. Any field option you need, including default values, auto tagging, field ranges, placeholder text and more.

Automation Integration

All data is available for automation purposes in Ariagto Automation.

Conditional Fields & Field Validation

Create fields that show and hide based on the customer's answer to a previous question. Show one set of fields for a wholesaler and another for a retail customer. Show and hide based on your own custom criteria.

Set your own data validation rules like "this field is required" or create your own validation rules using regular expressions (for the geeks).

Your Data, When & Where You Need It

Use our API to update records or get your data out, when you need it, where you need it. Fast exports, easy imports. We even validate your data when you import to make sure it fits your criteria.

Get started easily with our automatic installer.


  • Arigato Automation




  • プライバシーポリシー

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  • Create up to three fields

  • Limited field types



  • Create up to 3 fields

  • Import and Export up to 5,000 records

  • Use all field types

  • Image & file uploads up to 1MB per file

  • Shopify POS integration



  • Create unlimited fields

  • Import and Export up to 10,000 records

  • Use all field types

  • Image and file uploads up to 5MB per file



  • REST API to create and fetch data

  • Create unlimited fields

  • Import and export over 10,000 records

  • Image and file uploads up to 15MB per file

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Hussar Home

So far having a great experience adding customer registration fields that can be compulsory or not, and disappear if needed. Service has been quick and friendly thanks John

Simply Smarter Now

This is awesome! Conditional field's is exactly what I was looking for! I'm able to gather the much more specific information on my customers. So far it's great!