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Recover Sales Tab

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Recover Sales

When someone abandons cart GRAB them back and recover the sales opportunity.

Increase Conversions

Instead of losing customers to distractions, bring them back to your store and increase your overall conversions.

Track Recovered Cart

Track how many visitors come back because of this app and see the money pile up.

Su Recover Sales Tab

Recover Sales Tab re-engages distracted customers who left your store by changing the title of the address bar with custom messages, icon's and animations (blinking, countdown clock, and scrolling text). Recover Sales Tab is there to automate recovering carts, help with abandoned cart recovery and increase conversions.

Exciting features

  • Recovered sales tracking
  • Visitors called back tracking
  • Different animations - Blinking, Scrolling text and Countdown effect
  • Different configurations for pages

How It Works?

Your storefront browser tab will show an engaging custom blinking title to attract customers back to your store.

Recover Abandoned Carts With Your Title Bar

Everyone loses their sales when customers switch tabs, never to be seen again. Let's bring them back and convert them to sales.

Some of your customers forget to come back to your site and leave, rather than buying from you. We've designed this app for you to prevent these sales from slipping through your fingers.

Recover Sales Tab increases cart recovery by turning your browser tab into an attention-grabbing billboard after customers bounce. Think of it as an active billboard drawing customers attention back to your store.

Why Use Recover Sales Tab?

Recover Sales Tab can help you increase sales revenue, and conversions with just a few seconds work. Get back lost customers who get distracted by their other browser tabs.

How to Use Recover Sales Tab?

With Recover Sales Tab, There’s no complex install process or messy theme edits required. Just install, enable and you’re ready to go!

Works Straight Out of The Box

  • Single click installation, no liquid code setup needed
  • Simply install and use in a matter of seconds
  • No need to pay for 3rd party installation support
  • Tested with all of Shopify's free themes

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5.0 stelle su 5

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The app does what it says, I like that you can customize tabs on different pages of the site. Sam was very helpful. I recommend it.

A to Z Gadgets UK

Updated Review: The developer has solved the code issue, thank you! 5-stars.

Initial Review: Sorry to be a spoiler.
The app in its main back-end interface came out with the following PHP error. On the front-end, the app worked as intended with the right textual prompts and displayed fav icon correctly, yet at the back-end, the PHP error problem persists, this is reported to developers for rectification then the review will turn to 5-stars.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

15 gennaio 2020

We apologize for inconvenience and we are happy to help resolve your issue!

Cozy Trend Shop

This is one of the best apps out there! There's so many distractions whenever people browse the web so Customer Attentioner will help reduce abandon carts or lessen your bounce rate in a way. Another good thing about this app is that it's FREE for everyone to abuse!

Have this on all my stores.

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