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17. maj 2024

Sometimes the app works and sometimes it doesn't, there's no rhyme or reason to why and when it will happen. I have had customers not be able to checkout because even though they enter info in a required field, it still won't let them go any farther. Also, conditional attributes sometimes work and sometimes don't. Very frustrating and terrible customer service.

Team Create My Store
5 måneder bruger appen
28. juni 2017

The app is very nice, and the price of free with the exchange with writing a review is a decent deal.

I am still a starter, but I can understand how the app works, and it is really handy for adding the missing fields for the information that you want to get from your customers.

I'll update the review later on, by reflecting my personal experience using this app. Until then, I recommend every merchant to install this app. Things for free won't last forever, so, hurry up!

Best regards,

United Scentdom Of Perfumes
Cirka 5 år bruger appen
20. april 2017

Intuitive, easy to use, and you can't beat the price!

Cirka 5 år bruger appen
15. marts 2018

We use this app to tag customers by industry. It helps us form segmented lists for marketing by email and paper catalog. Without this app, I'd have to guess the industry based on the company name... :-)

Wholesale Plush
Cirka 5 år bruger appen
30. marts 2017

Please keep this Free you guys are helping lots of people Thank you

Mere end 4 år bruger appen
26. marts 2019

This app helped me so much! I was searching for something just like this that actually worked without having to do much, found some others but this one worked the best! Excellent customer support as well! Thank you

Mere end 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 22. oktober 2018

The app was a great addition to my store - I need parents to be able to answer a few questions when they purchase products online. I quickly realized that I only wanted to ask questions for certain products, and Secomapp CREATED A FEATURE to accommodate my request! Their customer service was timely, professional, and (what?!) totally custom! I've never has such a pleasant, and surprisingly awesome, experience with any customer service. Thank you, Theirry, at Secomapp for your help and creativity.

Update Oct 2018 - I updated my shop to the Artisan theme, and Theirry at Secomapp added support for this theme so I could continue using the app. Awesome customer service, once again!

Cirka 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 1. august 2021

Love this app - Could not do Without! Thank you very much to Rachel and Matt for helping me set it up

Cirka 4 år bruger appen
16. maj 2017

great app. will be using it for my store.

Næsten 4 år bruger appen
19. maj 2017

This is great! I think you already know why it's great... This feature should come with Shopify's standard service.

Trust Quality
Mere end 3 år bruger appen