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10 agosto 2023

People who registered their interest are not automatically synch with the Shopify contact list. I've asked a few questions to their CS team but they're not helpful.

Kit Blake
Regno Unito
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
Appikon Software Pvt Ltd ha risposto 17 agosto 2023

Thank you for the review and we apologize for the syncing issues. If you can, please contact our support team one more time and one of our other support members can help.

29 novembre 2022

Amazing when it works, awful when it doesn't. Reached out to support to ask them to fix my restock notifications not rolling out and only had one response from them over the course of a week. They didn't fix the issue for a week and barely communicated with me. Previous to this I wouldn't have faulted the app but the lack of customer support really disappointed me. I know things go wrong sometimes, but communication would have made all of the difference.

The Quirky Cup Collective
Circa 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 18 maggio 2023

Works well and customer support is helpful and usually responds very quickly.

**UPDATE** Unfortunately, we had to switch to a different app. The notify button kept randomly disappearing from our pages. After several attempts to fix the issue, support said the app doesn't work with GEMpages landing page builder. Not sure why the two would affect each other, since BackinStock functions on the product pages, not the landing pages. Support said there wasn't a fix, so we had no choice but to find an alternative.

Mount Mansfield Maple Products
Stati Uniti
Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
13 dicembre 2022

I will go back to this rating when the delay in notifications is fixed. Other than that amazing Customer Service. Can't wait to try the app out.

Coastal Femme
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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
4 agosto 2021

The app has some limitations. If the product is in stock at any location, even a non-shipping one, the email collection button will not appear. Great customer service though.

The Spice House
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Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
22 marzo 2021

I am kind of satisfied with this app. You can install it within hours. It is relatively easy to setup. However, I am a bit disapponted how they can support you in some more advanced HTML coding. We want to make sure our back-in-stock e-mails look similar to our other e-mails. We have provided Appikon with some standard HTML code from the e-mails we are sending from Shopify (which look good in all email programs), but they are not capable yet to apply this HTML code in their e-mails. I truly hope Appikon will one day be capable of providing some more in depth support regarding this.

POM Amsterdam - NL
Paesi Bassi
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
30 luglio 2020

Overall this app is pretty good. I like the functionality of the sign-up form and how easy it was to customize it and add it to my Shopify site. The customer-facing signup form seems to be working great, but there are some problems with back-end usability for the shop owner. For instance, on the "Products" page, I can't tell what is happening when I click the "Send Notifications" button. Is the app automatically notifying everyone who has signed up for a notification (which on my site happens to be for lots of different products)? That would be ridiculous and ineffective - I need to have control over who the app is notifying; not all products are back in stock at the same time. I don't think that's what's happening, because when I go to "Customer Notification > Sent" it appears empty. It appears that no notifications have been sent. So I have been individually notifying people who have signed up via their email or text number when appropriate, without going through the app. Which is ok, but just seems clunky. It leaves me wondering what the "Send Notifications" button is actually for. The app just doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence that everything is working correctly.

Hemptons Retro Threads
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5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Appikon Software Pvt Ltd ha risposto 30 luglio 2020

Thanks for your feedback. Our customer support team will reach out to you and will help you figure things out. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Data modifica: 23 aprile 2021

This app is good, you can customize it according to your brand, and customer service is available any time you need them, they are online, ready to help! What we're particularly happy about is that they value their customers. Not all app developers are like them, and they're available 24/7. Not all customer support of the apps operate like this. Normally, we struggle a lot because after 5pm CET, app customer support are usually offline and we cannot get the help we need right away. Shikha has also been very helpful and very nice, and assisted us all the way and managed to resolve all the issues we had raised to meet our store's needs. The reason we gave this app 3 stars is because we have to uninstall the app because we noticed that it made the speed of our store slower. As soon as we uninstall the app, the speed of our store went back up again to how it was before installing the app. It was unfortunate because we love this app.

Peaches&Crème K-Beauty and Skincare
7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
26 aprile 2022

Does not currently work w/ Klaviyo. I messaged support & gave access to my account and they couldn't fix it in the trial period so I cancelled. Only being able to communicate about issues via chat is very inconvenient, a ticket system is easier to navigate. From day 1 of installation agents are constantly asking for reviews when I would chat w/ a question. This gets annoying very quickly.

Great Garden Plants
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7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
21 ottobre 2020

The app shows good potential, but doesn't appear to have been implemented as well as it could have been. I duplicated my theme before starting but it installed on to both rather than just the live. Customisation of the look of the app is quite limited with the basic version, though does appear to be possible if you move to the premium version, but that comes with a premium price. My main concern is how well it is written this is based on the javascript throwing an error (when trying to load a font resource) and the fact that it loads an additional 18 resources totalling approximately 600KB of data.

Kitronik Ltd
Regno Unito
Circa 3 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Appikon Software Pvt Ltd ha risposto 21 ottobre 2020

Thanks for providing feedback. I apologize for the concerns you have with the app. Our support team will work with you to resolve those issues and make the app work perfectly for your store.