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While the app does cancel orders, it will not refund the customer, and no notifications are generated to you that an order has been canceled, which has been resulting in chargebacks for item not received.

Also customers can easily get around the "block" feature simply by using an incognito window.

Land of Pillows

The system doesn't do as advertised and has a few bugs. It's blocking IP addresses that are not listed (including mine) and allowed a blocked customer to place an order 4 separate times. Customer service is very slow to respond as well. I'm not sure if this app is worth it

Quality Finesse
Super Boostyが返信しました 2023年2月2日

Thanks for your review. Our app has been used by thousands of merchants and has not experienced any issues with the significant functionalities you mentioned.
However, we have received reports of merchants adding their own IPs or countries to the blacklist for testing purposes, but forgetting to remove it, causing themselves to be blocked. We mentioned this in our previous reply, but didn't receive any further response from you. Additionally, our app has a "block visitor" feature as well as an "auto-cancel" feature, and some merchants tend to confuse these two. If a merchants adds an email of a visitor they want to block to the "auto-cancel" list, the visitor can still access the shop, but their orders will be automatically cancelled. We've previously asked for clarification on this, but still haven't received a response.
Our customer service team always replies to your messages as soon as they receive them, but due to time difference between their location and yours, sometimes it may take a little longer to reply. We apologize for that. However, our customer service team has requested for more information to assist with your issues, but hasn't received a reply. Could you please provide specific information on which IPs that were not supposed to be blocked were blocked, and which visitors you wanted to block, but were able to place an order? This will help us determine where the setting issue is. Thanks for your support.


The app doesnt stop the customer from placing the order in the first place but only cancelling. Is this correct?

Ruby's Gift Store
Super Boostyが返信しました 2022年6月29日

We're sorry for any inconvenience you faced.
We noticed that you added auto-cancel filters. This function will only auto-cancel the order of qualified customers after placing an order but will not block them from your store.
If you need to block particular customers from visiting your store, please add filters in BLOCKLIST so that they cannot place any order.
Let us know if you need any support. Thank you very much!