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14 maart 2017

Great app that's easy to set up and super smart in its execution. The automated emails it sends are well designed and easy to use.

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27 maart 2017

Excellent customer service and support team!!

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3 april 2017

Great customer service! The app is very easy to set up and use.

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25 april 2017

As soon as we came across this app whilst searching for some kind of review app for our Shopify shop, I knew it suited our customer base...who are modest, older, sophisticated and not inclined to wanting anything with tooters & bells on - something like the latter would most likely make them react negatively to the whole idea of being approached for feedback! Then we saw Customer Guru and their very, very simple Harvard Business Review premise - that one correctly-worded question can reveal a world of information - and we knew our customers would love it. The question, 'How likely are you to recommend...' is pure genius, and indeed, it generated a massive response from our existing customer base. The app was easy to launch, and our developer needed only a minute to integrate the results into a testimonials page. Meanwhile, the dashboard allows us to focus on the passives and detractors (many of whom seemed to press on the lower numbers by accident, judging from their glowing text!) and even pick up on a customer who never wrote to tell us their package never arrived, but who mentioned it in their response. We have sent them a replacement order, and hope that next time, they will be a confirmed Promoter! Really love this app, love that we can try is for free (with a badge) while we grow, and that their Chat line is so quick to respond. Would highly recommend this app.

Green Pebble
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23 januari 2017

Great easy to use app. Have had better results than other apps.

A1 Tanning Supply
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Bewerkt 14 augustus 2019

So far we are loving it! It shows really well on our site. Really helps with customer follow-up. You should try it for your store.

Fitness Trendz
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Bewerkt 17 januari 2018

App is working well.
Support may be slow sometimes but overall helps you understand what's going on.

Test Store20
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15 april 2020

simple and works pretty well. I was looking for a solution that works in Brazil and can be submmited by email.

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21 juni 2017

Muy buena, obtienes comentarios de tus clientes, que te ayudan a mejorar tu servicio.

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9 juli 2017

Excellent. Very easy to use and straightforward

Betty Bargains
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