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Bewerkt 10 oktober 2018

Not worth it for the price, not by a mile. They also don't let you post reviews that aren't positive, tried to post several times and now I'm actually having to be careful with my not positive wording to be able to review.

Phones Of Steel
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Bewerkt 9 januari 2018

NOT FREE!!!!!!
This should be in the free trial section, after 300 customers or 10 days they they charge. (1 star)
I would be much happier it there was a free option for <100 surveys/month

Works Great!
Functionally this app works great. Setup is easy, reporting is easy, and integration is easy. I had my first replays seconds after they sent the email. (5 stars)

Treasure State Prospecting
Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 9 augustus 2022

Fantastic app, poor support. I've sent multiple emails and I haven't received a response to any of them. How can I pay your subscription if I can't trust I will get the support I need? PS: I posted this review on July 7th, still no replies from you guys. What's going on????

Verenigd Koninkrijk
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