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9 augustus 2017

Very good app, an important app to know customer reviews.

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21 september 2020

I have had customer guru for a while on our website now. Its lovely, as it gets customers to try out products. The only reason I gave it 4 starts is so they can maybe improve the appearance of their comments. Contine the good work! Thanks

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
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15 augustus 2018

Just getting strated ...too early to review just yet

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 3 jaar gebruiken de app
21 maart 2018

I would like to change the color line in testimonials.

Ongeveer 3 jaar gebruiken de app
10 mei 2017

So far, so good. Only been using it for a few hours. Would like to have a way to import ratings and comments from our previous system. And would like the ability to customize the embedded feedback wiget look and feel to better match our branding.

The Christmas Light Emporium
Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 30 oktober 2018

The app works well - the UX for the customer is nice. Easily customisable. The reporting section is a bit hard to find (hidden in integrations) but lots of flexibility as CSV downloads. Think dashboard should show lifetime NPS as well as rolling 14 days. The monthly charge is expensive though for this kind of app

Seven Feet Apart
Verenigd Koninkrijk
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Bewerkt 8 juli 2020

Straightforward, good UX. Would recommend to others, I especially liked the simplicity of the analytics. Y

Ooni United Kingdom
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22 augustus 2019

Nice way to receive reviews and allows you to have your testimonials posted right on your website. Don't understand the star score, we have all but 2 10/10 ratings but it says 3/5 stars?

AllSource Screening Solutions
Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 25 oktober 2018

Great App, but expensive, if you would have a plan for $15 for 100 surveys, following a $25 plan for 300 surveys, then you will be the king of NPS for Shopify stores, but we already pay around $400 dlls a month for Freshdesk, Freshchat, Agorapulse, Review Apps, etc etc, and we have online 1 month. Please take in account all our comments.

I hope you can offer a great deal for Shopify customers.


Epiq Mexico
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1 juni 2017

I've just installed the app this morning and no matter that my list of emails is not big, I've got my first promoter already! Easy to install and set.
Thank you

P.D. I would appreciate any comment or suggestion about

Beyonce Products Health And Beauty
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