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26 juni 2023

BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APP !!! They damaged my bussiness and they did not even bothered to help and stop what this app did to my business. BEWARE this is a scam and scammed all my customers. Do not add this app.

Saint Australia
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Storeware heeft geantwoord 24 oktober 2023

I just saw your 1-star review... 3 months too late (for some reason, I've never had a notification about it earlier). I'd like to clarify a few points:

1.Our records indicate that we did not receive any communication from you regarding the specific concerns you've mentioned and....

2. ...our platform is solely designed to facilitate email outreach for reviews, and it's essential for us to ensure the integrity and reliability of our service. We stand by the authenticity of our Shopify app and can confidently state that our intention is never to scam anyone. How could we damage & scam a business knowing all we do is send emails? Again, this app does nothing else. It does not change anything design-related.

3. It's disheartening to receive a 1-star review from someone who hasn't utilized our customer support. We're here to help and are always eager to address any concerns.

4. I invite you to contact us directly so we can better understand your experience and work towards a resolution. We value our customers and their businesses and would never intend to harm them in any way.

5. This shop only leaves Negative review (1-star review) so it is possible that someone (a competitor) has paid him to leave such review which is a dishonest practice, goes against Shopify TOS and could get this shop banned. Here's some proof of what i'm saying (link to see the review : Link to the app )

6. I'll give 3 days for this shop to reply then send an email to Shopify hoping they will take severe measures against him