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1 luglio 2024

The app is great and has a lot of potential. It is quite complex to use and requires a lot of time to get familiar with, which is understandable given its many features. This app needs good and active customer service that is easily accessible. Unfortunately, my experiences with technical support have been poor. I have had several instances where I waited several days for a response to a simple question, and it feels like they are impossible to reach and uninterested in helping. This is a shame because the app itself is good, but the complex features require customer support that is readily available and willing to help.

22 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
17 ottobre 2022

I like how this app functions; overall, it is well-designed. It might be one of the better apps out there for personalization, however, there are so many bugs with this app, and it constantly goes down, which results in a lot of lag and often causes the personalization options to not even show up on my website. On top of that, I have messaged them about a bug (it adds a huge gap on my slider when a user is flipping between different variants) and after 2 weeks they still haven't resolved the issue. Maybe give them a year or two and they'll actually come up with a polished product, but for now, it's too expensive and not worth it.

Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 18 gennaio 2022

Found this app poorly executed. The designer is slow and setup of artworks is cumbersome. Do yourself a favour and try Teeinblue instead. Cheaper with more features. EDIT: In reply to the developer. 1 day was all I required to evalutate the apps performance. I also did not appreciate the email I recieved after uninstalling from your team, where it says "I know you currently have another personalizer tool, but" and attempted to point out "that i'm missing out on a more realistic preview". Again, the alternate app mentioned is cheaper and seems to load faster, and is more straightforward in its setup tools. Thanks

Circa 22 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Customily ha risposto 18 gennaio 2022

Hello! Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to read that you had a bad experience in such a short time! We’d love it if you had tried our app for more than a day to understand its potential.
Of course, you are invited to try it again in the future if your current app doesn’t meet your expectations :)