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Great App, but very poor in helping new users figure it out. It's confusing, messy and overall hard to learn. Support is not easily accessible and that was enough for me to switch to a different app. Great app if you have 5-10hrs to invest in trial & error due to a complete lack of a guide/how-to

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Buildateam 已回覆 2021年4月8日

Hello there,
Thanks for choosing Custom Product Builder App & for your feedback.
Indeed, we have been adding SOOO many features requested by our customers over the last few years that the product setup interface became like a cockpit control panel!
We have recently started working on a refactoring / redesigning project for the admin interface to simplify it and optimize for our users based on the feedback that we have received.
While still in development - now it can be found under 'CPB App > Global Settings > Enable Beta Editor'. We are also working on adding more tooltips with instructions and short videos into the interface.
Please feel free to check it out and let us know if you have any recommendations on how to make it better and more comfortable.
CPB Support Team.


I think this will be useful but the customer support link isn't working and in order for us to use it we will need advice. Can someone email us at please?

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Buildateam 已回覆 2021年4月8日

Hello there!
Thanks for choosing Custom Product Builder App. It looks like all your questions have been addressed and the product is live in your store. We hope that its working well for you and your customers!
Please let us know if you need help with anything else. Feel free to email your questions to
CPB Support Team


The app was working until the recent update. Please help. We need to get this up and running the soonest.

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Buildateam 已回覆 2020年4月13日

Hi team,

We hope you are doing well!

We apologize for the inconvenience. In our recent v3 release we updated a lot of core functionality for better speed and UX. Unfortunately it also included some bugs. Over the last few weeks we have been actively working on releasing fixes for all reported issues including the ones you sent to us.

We have released a patch for rendering default options with support of 3 logic levels on Mar 17th. It also included a lot of other fixes / features. You can see an up to date changelog here:

Please let us know if you have any other issues or need help with anything else.

Stay Safe!

CPB Team.


Disappointed with this app. I initially had really high hopes - interface-wise, it looked the best among similar apps and had the most logical process (although it takes a while to get the hang of it but once you do, it's great) the app has a LOT of bugs that cannot be fixed. Customer service is extremely slow and I would wait weeks to get a response back (yes, while paying 50$ a month which is a very high price for a half functioning app). In the end, they couldn't give me what I needed and neither were they willing to offer a refund despite my requests for taking long to get back to me and not solving my problems. Other apps I've dealt with offer refunds immediately if their app doesn't meet your needs. Also, make sure to check compatibility with other apps you are using. This app also turned out to be incompatible with a multi-country pricing app I was using.

Buildateam 已回覆 2019年5月24日

Hi ViajecitoPH team,

Thank you for your review.

We are sorry that you experienced delays with our support team.
We took steps to improve our processes and we try to respond to submitted tickets much faster now.
We also started receiving more and more complex custom product requests and even though our application is already quite flexible, we have hard times catching up with all the customization & features that are being requested. It does indeed take us some effort & time unfortunately to deliver, but it's pleasing to see the end result eventually. We thank everyone for their patience with us. We are trying to make things better as fast as we can..
We also apologize that you have not received a full refund when you asked for it. There was some miscommunication and your request was never sent to Shopify support who actually handles the refunds. We have taken care of this now and have asked them to send you a refund for the time that you were unable to use the application. We hope that it was already processed and deposited to your account!
We have also worked on building compatibility with some of the multi-currency apps. We will continue monitoring this situation and keep adding more integrations.

Please let us know if we can do anything else for you.

CPB Team.


Nice functionality but it frequently doesn't save the product variants properly and you have to re-do it which takes ages to set-up.

Keatz Takeaway
Buildateam 已回覆 2019年4月28日

Dear Keatz Takeaway Team,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry that you have experienced issues with saving the custom products.

Please note that currently in order to ensure the custom product categories / options / custom layers are saved properly – first click SAVE at the bottom of the category / panel / option screen, and only after that the SAVE button at the top of the page.

We realize that this is not ideal UX / UI, and we are actively working on improving it. Meanwhile, if you need any help with the product setup or have any questions - feel free to email us, and we will take care of any issues you have asap.

CPB Team.


The Idea is very clever, however the clunky backend and large menu is not user friendly, especially when going back and forth the menu options.The in-ability to upload images as thumbnails and re-size them straight off the bat is quite disappointing, especially for a $50 app.
One would expect the admin structure to be more user friendly and professional for the price you are paying - It just doesn't look finished.
As previously said, the idea is great, but for $50 per month, it is really not worth that, when you can in some cases get other apps that just about do the same with better menu's, much cheaper and not as frustrating.