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17 februari 2023

Good dev team, very customizable, and while you don't need to know how to code, you can do a lot of custom css when needed.

SoccerPost Sandbox
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Helium heeft geantwoord 21 februari 2023

Thank you! That's exactly what we aim for. Value for merchants out-of-the-box, and room for developers to build on top of. Thanks for the positive feedback! 😄

5 maart 2018

I have been working with Shopify for several years. This is the only app that helped me almost immediately and they offered to update my theme styles without even having to ask. With other apps, I would first have to explain what that meant, then file a ticket, then maybe get help in 3 weeks. With these guys, it took me less than 15 mins and all systems are go.

Dogline Wholesale
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26 oktober 2022

great app! fits our needs perfectly. there are a lot of settings that I'm sure would work for any setup you wish for, they have thought of everything. Customer service is impeccable! Fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

Infinite Cables
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Helium heeft geantwoord 27 oktober 2022

Wow, what a kind review! You're making us blush. 😊
There's always room for improvement, but it's nice to hear that our careful planning has made an impact on you and your store. Thanks! 🎉

15 augustus 2015

Once again, someone stepping up to the plate to handle something simple that Shopify should have already addressed. Thank you.

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6 januari 2016

Works perfectly, easy to install, and its FREE. Can't believe shopify doesn't already have this feature.

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15 maart 2016

Could do with changing a colour on the buttons but still great thanks!! Recommend!

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21 oktober 2015

Works beautifully! Worked right away after install! So happy to provide this feature to my customers!

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19 april 2016

Seems pretty useful and working fairly easy. I give it four stars because the styling out of the box is horrible - 1980's buttons and inputs and looks nothing like the screenshots. You are able to add your css and override most of the default styles. Could be easier if they would have add id's or classes to all elements like the reset password button has nothing so I had to use

.customr-edit .cta-button, input[type="submit"]

However, it won't work for the message bar so you can't fully make it part of your theme.

For the other review who didn't like the url /tools/customr you can change that at least today. I agree I don't like that either. From the apps view in shopify click the three dots on this app and choose the option to change the url you can make it /tools/account for instance.

Rose Rey
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9 maart 2021

This app was perfect for creating profiles for my company. The entire Helium team has always been there to help me with my questions and are simply amazing. Huge thank you to the team for helping me out, you guys are the best.

Super PawBox
Helium heeft geantwoord 9 maart 2021

Aww, you're making us blush 😊
Thanks for using Customer Fields!

1 februari 2024

Hygge Design House
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Helium heeft geantwoord 5 februari 2024

Thank you so much for taking the time to rate Customer Fields! Hope you're enjoying the winter up North 🇨🇦