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20 april 2023

We just needed a simple way to add customer account verification to our registration form, and this was it!

We have close to 200k customers imported from our old store, and I was afraid that this would put us into a price tier that was too much for the simple feature we were trying to add, but I spoke with their customer support and they assured me that we could still use the lowest tier since we're not using all of the customer management features that this app offers. The sign up forms will still work and we won't get bumped up to a higher tier automatically.

Customer support is quick and friendly and easily answered all of my questions. We'll definitely keep this in mind if we do end up wanting to get into some of the more advanced features of this app. We appreciate you!

Sock Dreams
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Ongeveer 21 uur gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 20 april 2023

We appreciate you too! 😄

I'm so glad we were able to make your migration to Shopify just a little bit less of a headache with our email verification feature ✅

27 oktober 2022

We use this app to help our customers register or edit their account using a form we have created in Customer Fields. Our customers are able to opt out of paying VAT if they are eligible and can start purchasing immediately without having to contact us to change their account and refund the VAT retrospectively. We had a small problem with how to add the 'Edit Account' link to the account page and after reaching out for help it was done for us, what more can you ask for. Excellent app and great support. Thanks for your rapid response & help.

Valentine Wigs
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Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 27 oktober 2022

Amazing feedback! 🎉
Thanks for drawing attention to how Customer Fields helps you register and fulfill orders for B2B customers who are VAT-exempt/Tax-exempt. Cheers!

14 augustus 2023

Super easy to set up and customize, streamlines info inputs for my different customer groups, and as the owner of a small business offering a range of resin jewelry supplies that are specialized by project idea, this app has been helpful in segmenting my users and get them the inspiration they need to keep coming back. For example... https://www.little-windows.com/blogs/project-center/bangle-bracelets-with-windows

Thank you for the support and ease of use!

Little Windows Brilliant Resin and Supplies
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Bijna 8 jaar gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 21 augustus 2023

Thank you so much for using Customer Fields for so long 🤩

We genuinely appreciate your support, and are so glad you've enjoyed our robust segmentation tools 🛠️

10 april 2023

I am thrilled to write a 5-star review for Helium Customer Fields! Their customer service is excellent, and their app is top-notch. We have been using Helium for years to vet our wholesale applicants, and we have never been disappointed.

The app is intuitive and easy to use, making our vetting process a breeze. The ability to customise fields and tailor them to our specific needs has been a game-changer. Plus, the app integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, which has saved us time and headaches.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Helium Customer Fields is their customer service. Whenever we have had questions or issues, their support team has been incredibly responsive and helpful. Their dedication to ensuring their customers are happy and successful is unparalleled.

Overall, I highly recommend Helium Customer Fields to anyone looking for a reliable, customisable, and user-friendly app for their vetting process. Thank you, Helium Customer Fields, for being such a valuable part of our business!

Esthemax Australia
Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 11 april 2023

Wow, what an incredible review! Thanks for being a loyal customer for two years and counting! We're always eager to hear how we can improve, so if any feedback comes to mind... you know where to find us 😊

13 juli 2023

I work at a small business and we just switched our website over to shopify's platform. Our business has been using this app for about 2 months now. The features are user-friendly and practical for our needs. It is really helpful to have the customizing abilities that can be adjusted with ease. When we had an issue with a customer email, we reached out to the support team and Brett was super helpful!

Tracy Glover Studio
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5 maanden gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 18 juli 2023

Excellent feedback! Thanks for using Customer Fields! 🤩

6 december 2022

Out of all the custom form apps, this one fit the bill for my client. During the trial period, I ran into some styling issues and support was easy to contact. They were efficient on solving my issue and very nice! Looking forward to utilizing this add-on to its full potential.

If you don't ask, you wont know what they can do!

4 dagen gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 6 december 2022

Glad to hear about the mutual success of you and your client. Thanks for your feedback!

4 januari 2023

I started using the app yesterday and my wholesale application is already up and running. New customers have used it with such ease and I am very impressed! I would considering a few apps for a couple days and very happy I chose this company! Also special thanks to Katelyn for answering all my questions and helping me when I accidentally added the form to all my pages. The templates are amazing and I was able to use it as a guide to capture all the information that I may have forget to include if I was building it completely from scratch.

Sidekick Styles
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 4 januari 2023

We're glad you chose us too! 😄

Thanks for taking the time to submit your review!

19 september 2023

Helium has enabled us to natively integrate our bespoke account registration/checkout experience with Shopify. Given the nature of our business, it's mission critical for a solution like this and, frankly, we weren't able to ID anyone else that provides this solution OOTB (vs. custom dev). Customer Fields has gotten better since Helium directly integrated Metafields into the Shopify admin and we're looking forward to the day when Shopify and Helium are able to partner more closely so that we can search by customer metafields in the Shopify admin (vs. view for individual customers). 5 stars without question.

Rayne Nutrition
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Helium heeft geantwoord 20 september 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. As an office full of pet-lovers, we're glad to be of service!
We love how you've taken advantage of some of the more robust offerings our custom fields provide, and yes, we're always looking to improve the user experience and seamless experience between Customer Fields and the Shopify Admin. Thank you for this feedback.

1 september 2023

Encountered a data corruption problem, of my own creation which prevented the Shopify registration workflow firing properly from my custom registration form. Brett at Helium did an amazing job diagnosing, testing and then recreating the corrected forms and data so I had a working fix. Amazing support. The product is absolutely awesome for metafield form building, collecting and managing data. They've done a great job on the API which shows where forms have been installed and are functioning. Forms can get quite complex, with trigger rules, view and hide, etc, so the form preview tool showing a green light for functioning elements is superb. Thanks Helium!

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2 maanden gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 5 september 2023

Triggers, rules, and complex forms are all things we're obsessed with 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review! We're here when you need us.

14 november 2022

We use Helium form for a program registration. Helium will tag customers as "program x registrant", which will trigger to send welcome email with special discount, etc. It's been working beautifully so far! We were able to create all the fields we needed to collection information. Support team is knowledgable and awesome, too!

Save The Duck USA
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2 maanden gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 15 november 2022

Excellent use case, thanks for sharing!