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13 juli 2023

Pretty impressive what Customer Fields allows you to do. Support has been extremely quick so far as well. Thank you again Brett!

Beyond The Meat Wagon
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9 dagen gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 18 juli 2023

Thanks for taking time to leave a review. Music to our ears. Vote for Brett! 🥳

27 december 2017

Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks

Mysexywaist Com Wholesale
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9 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 21 december 2020

DEC 2020 Update: This app worked like a champ for us. Completely reliably, helped us to process a huge number of complex registrations for an in-school shopping program that we ran. One of my top-5 apps on the Shopify platform. <<<<<<<< I hope to write a more detailed review when I'm not in the thick of this project, but this app is too good for me to not say something now. As a Shopify DEVELOPER, this is one of the best Shopify apps I've ever used. It works incredibly well, has insane flexibility, great APIs, fantastic documentation, and an incredibly responsive and helpful support team. If it weren't for this app, it would have been an arduous process to build the massively complicated intake form that we need for this shop. The Customer Fields app took away so much headache and allowed me to just build and code what I needed — no fuss. I recommend this app without reservation, and greatly look forward to using it again on future projects should the need arise.

The Holiday Gift Shop Canada
9 dagen gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 21 september 2020

More detailed review? I think you've said it all! This is music to our ears. 😄

In the process of creating a great app for merchants, we also wanted to build a tool for developers that was both flexible and powerful. Thank you for affirming both what we've accomplished as well as what we're continuing to work for.


28 augustus 2018

Yes, yes yes! Get this one! I tried a slew of other apps before this. They did the installation - even fixing some code another app had left behind. My business makes semi-custom clothing for women ministers. I need to have measurements before we can make anything - this app gave me a very easy and professional login with all the info I need to collect, including ways for me to put in notes to explain things. I wish every app I needed was made by Helium!

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7 dagen gebruiken de app
12 september 2017

Working great so far and perfect for what I need :o)

Verenigd Koninkrijk
7 dagen gebruiken de app
22 april 2020

Customer Fields is great for asking your customers additional information when they create an account. This is so important for our wholesale accounts, but it could do wonders for truly understanding your target audience. When I had an issue getting a certain field to behave properly, Kyle from their support team not only fixed the issue fast, but also gave me a tip about creating a thank you page for our account creators. I would definitely recommend this app if you need to create custom fields for forms on your website. :)

Terrasoul Wholesale
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7 dagen gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 23 april 2020

Thank you for the excellent recommendation! :)

21 maart 2017

This app is great- it's the only app available that gave us the ability to fully customize our customer accounts and using tagging to integrate with our ESP for specific segments. Their support was incredible and helped us get things done very quickly to our exact specifications. Highly recommend!

Wallshoppe 2 2
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6 dagen gebruiken de app
14 september 2021

I ran into a small issue with importing my customers for a client and it seemed out of my hands. I reached out and was given the best help and turned out I simply saved the file wrong lol They were kind and very helpful, I recommend using this app.

Safari Ltd Wholesale
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5 dagen gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 16 september 2021

Thanks for the recommendation! Our support team is happy to assist if any other questions come up 👍

22 november 2017

Great app, it has all the features we need to create a wide variety of entries to enhance our customers' accounts. We can not say enough about the quality of Helium's customer service. They were glad to edit our code and add features that do not exist on the app. Highly recommended!

Cardinal Of Canada Us
5 dagen gebruiken de app
27 december 2022

Great and easy to use app! It solved our issue of Wholesale Registration on our Shopify store by allowing us to seamlessly collect the information that we need. When I needed to add internal links to our Wholesale Agreement, Katelyn walked me right through it! Great service!

Hill Country Chocolate
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4 dagen gebruiken de app
Helium heeft geantwoord 27 december 2022

Thanks for the kind words, Hill Country! Your wholesale application form is looking fantastic 👏