Cutout bulk background remover

Cutout bulk background remover


Remove background, add shadow & auto create pro photos in bulk

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Su Cutout bulk background remover

Easily create professional product photos with efficient image editing

Creating professional product pictures is time-consuming and tedious. Using our app takes care of the challenge easily. You only need to save the background and special effect settings under the “setting” tab in the app. Then just click one button to generate stunning product images. Not only to improve efficiency, it also helps to increase your sales by presenting professional and appealing product photos.

Various background color and special effect selections

Powered by our superior artificial intelligence algorithm, this app removes image background with excellent quality in just few seconds. In addition, it offers various background colors and special effects including shadow, projection, reflection, blurring and auto cropping to make the images more attractive and natural.

Fully automatic

Upon successful initial installation of the app, the “setting” tab is shown for you to specify global background parameter settings for bulk processing. Most commonly used background parameter values are set as default. You can adjust image background settings as needed, then save your settings, return to the product image list page under “console” tab. If you want to use different background than the global setting for a specific product, you can do so by pressing the “edit” button on the right-hand side of the product picture.

Bulk operations

You can change the background for product pictures in bulk to boost efficiency. Select the products and hit the “process” button on the “console” tab and you are good to go. Removing and changing background is like a breeze. You are able to process up to 10 pictures at the same time.


Dissatisfied with the changed picture? Just click the reset button, and the picture can be restored to the way it was before.


Click the image in the product list to preview the result, you can also click the “download” button to download the image to your computer.

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first 2 credits for free, then starts at $0.997 per credit, and as low as $0.14 per credit

5.0 stelle su 5

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Yellow Mountain High

This is very helpful. I really like the feature of removing background in bulk. Shadow, reflection, etc are added bonus. Good work,!


I am a beginner in e-commerce, this is a very good tool for me, it can help me easily complete image editing, very convenient, and save time.