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2 februari 2024

In all honesty I’m a high maintenance customer, but the team at Daily Karma never lets me down.

I ask for a lot and they deliver.

Vintage Luxe Up
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30 juni 2023

We've worked with the DK team for over a year and they've been instrumental in helping us to digitally activate our social impact mission on our website. Navigating legalities and organizations is no easy task as you want to ensure you're doing right with the right people. Brands like ours are committed to giving back to the communities we serve and you need a knowledgeable partner who is willing to roll their sleeves up and help you achieve your goals. From a tech perspective, the application is super simple to integrate and the features are broad enough to help you maximize your social impact efforts no matter which track you choose. Thanks DK team for all you've done to help elevate our social impact programming.

Scotch Porter
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DailyKarma heeft geantwoord 30 juni 2023

Thank you for your feedback! We are grateful to you for letting us become a part of your journey. We are proud to be partners with a team behind an amazing brand committed to social impact. You inspire us to keep going and improving and keep us motivated to get to work every day!

6 september 2023

This is a great app and the customer service is amazing! I needed help with an issue and sent in a request late one evening, hoping to maybe get a response the next day. Instead, JL wrote back within minutes. He then was able to fix the issue that same night and everything now works perfectly. Thanks JL!!
I highly recommend this app!

Mega Fluffy
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DailyKarma heeft geantwoord 7 september 2023

Thank you for this feedback! It warms our hearts to see how simple actions could make a difference and make things easy for you ♥️ We are here to continue to support you as you journey into your impact initiatives!

Bewerkt 17 juli 2023

SECOND UPDATE: The devs reached out and things have resolved very positively. I really appreciate their desire to work with people who use their app.

UPDATE FOR DEV REPLY: I'm not talking about the pricing change, I'm talking about the removal of free features and making them paid. You're forcing your customers to make a decision between upgrading and paying you, or continuing with the current free plan but unable to make changes to certain (now paid) features. This is not okay, and it's unethical.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: While this app is great for automating donations and providing a lot of options when you're willing to pay the astronomical price of almost $300 per month, the free user is left with uncertainty and treated poorly.

I've been a free user for over a year now (I don't make enough money in my shop to justify the monthly subscription) and it's been great. However, Shop For Good and DailyKarma willing remove previously free features and move them to paid tiers with little to no notice (sorry I don't consider an email newsletter that I can't seem to find as notice).

A feature I had been using extensively the entire time (donations on specific products, because not everything in my store is meant for donations) was recently moved to the paid tier. While I am still able to use it as is, I'm unable to ever make any changes or add new products to it without needing to upgrade, and I find that to be quite disturbing on them to remove features from users and then force them to pay for it to return. It's shady business practices at best and greedy at worst. You're a social impact and donation app, not a massive profit machine.

This has left me needing to find another way to gather donations because their paid tiers would destroy my overhead and bleed my shop dry. They've been slow in emails (taking a week at a time to respond) and unwilling to help me out here other than to suggest I pay. I'm so disappointed and saddened by this whole experience.

(Note to anyone considering the free plan, read the fine print that wasn't there when I started, they take 10% of your donations to pay themselves. So that "free" tier is not actually free.) | designs by daniel quasar
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DailyKarma heeft geantwoord 23 juni 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns regarding our recent pricing changes. We genuinely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We understand that pricing adjustments can be challenging and we appreciate your feedback.

The decision to update our pricing structure was driven by several factors, including rising operational costs and a desire to maintain the high quality of our products and services. The notification was sent to your Shop for Good dashboard on May 29. We assure you that we have carefully considered these changes to ensure continued value for our customers.

Thank you for your understanding, and we are committed to continually improving our services based on customer feedback.

7 september 2023

Do you support different languages?

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DailyKarma heeft geantwoord 8 september 2023

Hi there! Yes we do! Our team will reach out to get more information and send next steps. Thank you!

15 april 2020

We use this app to collect donations for charities we support. The customer service can't be beat-seriously! The great folks at Shop for Good provide in-person service and will help you through any issue you have, quickly and professionally. Great, competent, friendly service that can't be beat and an app that does everything it promises! Shop for Good is a winner!

Norm's Farms
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2 maart 2022

This app is perfect for generating donations. Easy to use, easy to install and it gives you lots of great ways to request donations. On top of its great functionality, their customer service is fantastic. I definitely recommend!

Dog Quality
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18 november 2019

Love this app! The team was very helpful and fixing some code to get itnto work smoothly with my store. I just love the entire concept!! When you make it this easy to give back, every store should be doing it!!! Only drawback is the limited list of charities. They are mostly US based so wish there were more pre approved Canadian non profits but hopefully you can add more soon!

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Bewerkt 1 juni 2020

We've been looking for a way to support charities and non-profits. We wanted a seamless solution allowing our customers an easy way to donate at checkout. Shop for Good is just that. They've helped us customize the app and get set up quickly, and we've had a wonderful response from our customers. We are excited to utilize various donation campaign options.

Mignonne Gavigan
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Bewerkt 3 april 2020

Very easy to set up everything! Support team is always quick to reply and help with any questions we have! Highly recommend brands to implement and help contribute to charities they are passionate about.

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