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4 september 2023

This app is total time wasting. Customer service is useless. I Just wasted time for nothing. There are no easy access to cancel the plane

ShopX Unlimited
19 dagen gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 6 september 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We sincerely apologize for any frustration or inconvenience you experienced while using our app, and we appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

First and foremost, we'd like to clarify a few facts regarding your experience:
- We extended your free trial from the initial 2 weeks to 3 weeks to ensure you had ample time to explore our app and its features.
- We understand that you had several interactions with our Support Agents during your trial period. Our team is here to assist and guide you to make the most of our app.
- We acknowledge that you encountered issues from the beginning and even reinstalled the app. We also assisted you in installing the necessary stores.
- You requested a Feed Setup for one of your stores connected to the Google Channel, which we promptly completed. Due to some complexity in the setup, we extended your free trial by an additional week as a goodwill gesture.
- Upon completing the Feed Setup, we sent you an email with instructions on what additional data needed to be added to make it fully functional.

We want to clarify that our intention has always been to empower you with the tools and guidance to set up and manage your store effectively. While we offer comprehensive support, including tutorials, guides, and assistance from our Support Agents, we do not set up stores or manage them on behalf of our users.

We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve our services. We understand that your expectations were high, and we apologize if these were not met. If you have further questions or need assistance with a more comprehensive setup, we recommend considering our Feed Factory feature, which provides end-to-end assistance. You can also contact our Customer Support and we'll be more than happy to help you.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

Bewerkt 22 maart 2021

The app stopped syncing with shopify at some point, and out of my 7000 advertised products only 46 synced. I found out a week after, and it took them 2 weeks to fix it. This review is dedicated to Sébastien from the customer service which was arrogant with me and unhelpful. Eventually it was solved by stopping to use datafeedwatch and using native shopify sales channels.

AtPerry's Healing Crystals
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Bijna 6 jaar gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 26 maart 2021

I am sorry that your DataFeedWatch experience has not met your expectations so far. I would be happy to sort everything out for you.​

We already contacted you, helped fix the problem and refunded the money.

Is there anything else that we could do to turn this 1-star rating into a 5-star rating?


Bewerkt 20 augustus 2021

Support is non existent. My feed stopped working two weeks ago and I've been trying to get help this whole time and I've gotten one response in two weeks saying "it's fixed" but it's NOT. So frustrated and unhappy.

Kat Scrappiness, Inc
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Meer dan 5 jaar gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 26 augustus 2021

Thank you for sharing your feedback and I'm sorry the hear that your feed stopped working. I would be happy to sort everything out for you.​

You received a refund from us. Also our support team sent you an email - please take a look at it and contact us - since we exactly know what was wrong and we know how to fix it, we'll be more than happy to help you.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

17 juli 2020

stopped providing a feed into google, got all of our listings deactivated, and when we call or message them, no response.

Set Group USA
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Bijna 5 jaar gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 24 juli 2020

Thank you for the feedback, we strive to make our service and support outstanding. We have tried to contact you numerous times (phone and email) with no reply. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support and we will be ready to assist. Thank you for being a valued client.

DataFeedWatch Team

15 maart 2022

Their terrible customer service can be very dangerous to your business. I've attempted to get a response for nearly 2 weeks now and my Google Shopping products are at risk of expiring because they don't seem to even look at my emails to them. I've contacted them through their support email address numerous times, through Shopify support numerous times (who forwards requests to them), and still NOTHING. Beware - If there are any problems that come up out of nowhere such as I'm dealing with, they are of no help and you risk losing your Google shopping feed because of it.

Chummy Tees
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Meer dan 2 jaar gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 22 maart 2022

We’re disappointed to hear that your experience using DataFeedWatch didn’t meet your expectations as we take our Support services very seriously.

As soon as your issue was reported, a ticket was created with high priority.

With that being said, we’re currently in touch with Shopify’s support team in order to make sure everything is working fine with API connection. We'll be sure to get it sorted for you as soon as possible and keep you updated once a solution is found. In case of any further questions or concerns in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to be in touch.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

10 september 2019

Horrible Tech Team. Have been trying for 1 week now to get the fix for the ID field but they are either on vacation or really lazy to do it. So if you are planning to use the app, make sure you are prepared for 1 week time for a fix, if anything break because they take their sweet time to get to resolving issues.

Boom Boom Gadgets Deutschland
Verenigde Staten
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 12 augustus 2020

Would NOT recommend, my feed has not updated for THREE days and they just say they will look into it. Terrible customer service, AVOID!

Verenigd Koninkrijk
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
3 maart 2022

We have unsubscribed for 6 months and we are still being invoiced since. Impossible to get any refund, and we continue every month to be invoiced. If you want an honest partner, for sure not this one.
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 9 maart 2022

Hi there,

We’re really sorry to hear about the trouble you experienced after unsubscribing from DataFeedWatch.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We’re happy to report that our team has reached out to you and taken care of the issue by providing a full refund. If you need any further information or help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. All the best!

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

31 januari 2022

Service is sloppy. I got cut off on a chat because "he had to go" an no feedback since... Also got hit with a 60% price increase for no apparent reason.

Energize Health
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
DataFeedWatch heeft geantwoord 4 februari 2022

I’m really sorry to hear that you didn't got a response when you contacted us, especially since we place high a value on our customer support.

We already contacted you, and I believe we helped you with your issue. Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

~Milosz / DataFeedWatch

31 oktober 2018

Customer Service was always a terrible experience for me with their chat. I was not successful setting up my Amazon channel feed...and despite my making many, many efforts...and being abandoned on live chat...I finally decided to cancel for the 2nd time. I tried to give a 2nd chance; but customer support never made me feel comfortable to say the least.
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