Deals Promotion Platform

Deals Promotion Platform

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Get new orders by promoting your deals to shoppers for free

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Get new customers for free

We will promote your deals to shoppers on the web in other stores or by email to shoppers who explicitly subscribed to our deals emails

Сontrol what to give in return

You can use the app for free. But if you want to show more deals, you can present other stores’ offers to your visitors in return

Track sales driven by the app

Track every single order by discount codes provided with the offers. Gain maximum transparency

Podrobnosti o Deals Promotion Platform

Deals Promotion

We will show your deals to ready-to-buy shoppers:

  • On the web in other stores
  • In our deals emails which we send to shoppers who explicitly subscribed to them

How Much Does It Cost?

The app is free. But if you want to increase the performance you can take part in our network also as a publisher and earn exchange credits. Stores with more credits have priority in promoting their deals.

How It Works - Advertiser

  1. Install the app and create your deal. You must provide a discount (starting from 5%) which will be applied to a purchase.
  2. We will automatically create a discount code and promote this deal to shoppers.
  3. Now the buyer can go to your store and shop using the discount code received. You get the sale and a new customer!

How It Works - Publisher

To earn exchange credits, you should also act as a publisher, showing other stores' deals in your store.

No 3rd party blocks placed on your storefront that can only steal your traffic. Instead, an accurate popup is shown only when a visitor leaves your website without making a purchase. And this is a guarantee that you will not lose any of your own sales.

You control where other stores' offers will be presented in your own store:

  • On website exit (when a user moves a mouse pointer out of your website, a popup)
  • On checkout (right on the checkout page, no popup)

You can exclude specific product categories. This is another guarantee that you will not lose any of your sales!

How Do You Understand Which Deals to Show to Which Shopper?

We use AI. For example, you sell women’s clutches. Another store sells women’s clothes. Both of these product categories have the same target audience - women who are ready to buy stylish wear. It makes a lot of sense to offer a discount for a clutch to a shopper who is interested in clothes.

Will My Deals Be Shown If I don't Act as a Publisher?

Yes, but not as many times.

How Many Times My Deals Will Be Shown?

The more exchange credits you earn, the more your deals will be shown.

Targeting By Country?

Yes, it's included and works by default based on your Shopify settings. It means that offers from say an Australian store will be shown in other Australian stores.

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easy to install and cant wait to explore, plus it gives you different options and ways to make sales work, i definitely recommend..


Easy to install, will monitor progress as time goes by have nothing to lose, its free and does my own country.


Well, we love the app... working good so far, will just say that it need more shops on the app for better traffic ... Check out