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7. toukokuu 2024

The onboarding help has been great. We migrated from Orderhive and Atulya went above and beyond to reduce the pain from migrating. She was very patient and helpful getting us up and running. We're still getting up to speed as Core has different functionality. In some cases more robust than Orderhive however there are some things in Orderhive , like one central place of truth for product information (eg prices) that pushes to all 3rd parties.

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2. toukokuu 2024

Cin7 has a wealth of essential tools and integrations that assist in managing our inventory in one central, easy to use location. It is easy to use and has powerful reporting. Would recommend for anyone in need of an inventory management system.

Girl And The Sun
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14. helmikuu 2024

I like that I can integrate my sales channels (Etsy and Shopify - Amazon is an option too, but I opted not to integrate it to save money) and input manual orders in one place to keep track of orders, inventory, shipments, and payments. I used their previous product OrderHive, so it is all fairly intuitive to use, and they provided great onboarding and setup. I was paired with Muskan as my Onboarding Specialist, and she was very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful in getting me setup.

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21. helmikuu 2024

I was using Orderhive for order management. Cin7 is a much better program with more features. My onboarding experience was great. They really take the time to make sure everything works right before moving to the new program. I would recommend!

Planet Bean Coffee
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15. joulukuu 2023

I love Cin7 , it's such a great software to track my inventory, my sales, my stock transfers, my cogs... full of reports ...
very flexible tools, with a lot of integrated API connexion like Shopify and the customer service is amazing !

Horus X
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6. syyskuu 2023

Recently after the merger with Cin7 (previously dear system), the support and issues have increased. We have a major bug in product integration for last 5 weeks and still waiting for resolution. For them it is not a priority and no proper work around provided. Not sure if this is faced by any other customers.
No escalation channel, no account manager support.
We are a customer for last 3 years but now looking for replacement.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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31. heinäkuu 2023

Stay away. Invested in help in set up but cant get any help from CIN 7. Cant even contact support, waiting on replies on tickets. No phone number, no easy way to chat. Person initially helping disappears as soon as one subscribes. Overly complicated. Already searching for replacement

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26. tammikuu 2016

After a full Trial Period with DEAR, we couldn't be more pleased! We needed a centralised inventory system with CRM capabilities that could seamlessly integrate and sync to SHOPIFY, XERO, as well as our offline sales channels (in which we generate our own invoices). Being in the food industry, we also needed a system that could track the shelf-life of our products, and make sure first expired items are sold first. This is an important feature for us that we did not find in TradeGecko, which we tested out as well. Though we have only be using it for under a month, DEAR has so far lived up to our wish list with flying colours; I particularly enjoy the level of detail available to us, to store relevant information such as supplier SKUs and multiple price lists. The system is sturdy and the UX is straightforward and intuitive, which has made the transition easy for the whole team!

Hongkong – Kiinan erityishallintoalue
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12. elokuu 2016

Earlier this year we made the nerve-wracking move to an inventory management system. After a lot of analysis we decided on Dear Systems. The support we received during set up was great, and the ongoing support I have had to iron out legacy issues has been fantastic. Having Dear Systems in place now means we don't oversell our products and can manage stock so much more efficiently.

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10. maaliskuu 2016

So... not only is Dear one of the most comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-use inventory management softwares, it's support team is fantastic too. They, and especially Alex, have been incredibly helpful in resolving my issues. They listened, tried to really understand the question, trouble-shoot it from every possible angle and find the best solution. The fact that it took more than an hour wasn't daunting, I was so grateful that they took that time and didn't pass me off to someone else. Thank you guys! You rock.

Cafe Devocion
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