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13 febbraio 2024

Very bad experience, I am using this app from last 5 days but not working properly and issues are not resolved from support team. Complete waste of time.

5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
29 settembre 2022

J'utilisais cette app pour gérer les dépôts pour des locations. J'ai détesté. Erreur par dessus erreur. Équipe incapable de m'aider et je dois encore prendre plusieurs heures pour corriger les erreurs. J'ai perdu plusieurs heures et doix payer un pro pour corriger les erreurs comptables. Ça me coûtera très cher au final.

Le Campeur Nomade
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
26 ottobre 2022

The app duplicate orders every payment taken, to the point where your accounting is a nightmare and you don't understand what is paid and what is not. WHAT IS MORE SERIOUS, it affects your shopping cart. My customers were unable to checkout!!! The problem remained after removing the app. I was forced to install a backup of the theme which I had ( I always do a backup) . Do not recommend

Pro Video Instruments
Stati Uniti
Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Sidepanda Inc. ha risposto 26 ottobre 2022

Our app doesn't duplicate orders neither does it add anything to the theme. Everything is done automatically and removed as soon as the app is uninstalled. You must have faced the issue with another app and blaming it on our app. If you want we can help you fix the issue.


19 aprile 2021

Im not sure about these 5 star reviews. Im not sure if they were purchased or what but this app does NOT work properly and if you are looking for around the clock support this is NOT the app. I want to save others the time of downloading this app and being frustrated and provide a REAL review. If you are trying to use this app for services and would like to have the ability to provide an option to take partial payments/Deposits, this is NOT the app. There is barely any support and being a business that provided services it is imperative to have a smooth flow website experience. What this app will do is make you choose either partial payment option or booking option it will NOT do both. Even downloaded the booking app thats made by the same developer and the apps do NOT communicate. So I had to go back and redesign my site because my customers were not able to properly book an appt on my site after completing the step by step directions from this app. What will happen is you will set everything up and when it comes to your customers booking, no matter what booking app you use, it will NOT allow you to select partial payment and select a time to book the service which literally defeats the purpose of this app.
Hopefully I saved anybody time that provides services on their site.

Stati Uniti
Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
Sidepanda Inc. ha risposto 21 aprile 2021

Hi, Apologies for the above inconvenience and for not be able to respond faster to your query yesterday. We try our best to provide support for 16 hours every day (we are currently working from IST timezone) and resolve/respond any issues within 12 hours.

If you could install Depo again, we will work and integrate Appointo(or any other booking app) with Depo as our top priority. Currently, we have to enable the integration manually and will take less than few minutes once installed. We are extremely sorry for the bad experience and looking forward to learning and improving our support workflow. Do let us know if you would be interested to give Depo another try. Looking forward to hearing from you.


16 gennaio 2023

app is not worth...reciving payment on payu but this app is sync support from app email reply nothing no support....fake 5 star reviews

Watch Farm
9 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Sidepanda Inc. ha risposto 16 gennaio 2023

We have replied several times and asked for the order numbers as well but no response from your end. If you can send us the order numbers we can help otherwise it's not possible for our team to help.

Stating we have fake 5 star review is insulting and this can lead to banning from the app. Please don't insult our hard work

11 settembre 2022

Install this and your "Add to Cart" button will stop working everywhere except an individual product page. If you're using it on individual products instead of the whole cart, you will be redirected to the checkout page upon adding a product... go back to continue shopping and your cart will be empty. In both cases whether adding partial payments to an individual product or to the whole cart, you can forget about any kind of discount code. Good luck. Talked with support for this app and only certain discount types will work--fine, I'll workaround and use the types that are supported. Those do show up but ARE NOT APPLIED at checkout. Seems like maybe an okay-at-best app if you only want to use the base functionality and always expect to use this on the entire cart. Otherwise, unusable. One star from me until the developers are able to solve these problems. Uninstalling.

Norfolk Wood Shop
Stati Uniti
6 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
14 marzo 2023

no support, fake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake appfake app

35 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Sidepanda Inc. ha risposto 14 marzo 2023

Our team responded but there was no response as you uninstalled the app and reporting 1 star review post that is not fair. You could install again and we would be happy to assist you and solve your issues

29 giugno 2022

This app does not work well. Once you install it, it will change your order's name sequence and mark previous draft orders as completed.

ARBTeak Canada
6 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
Sidepanda Inc. ha risposto 29 giugno 2022


We checked our backlog and we can see that you used our app for 6 minutes. You did not even went past the onboarding screen and mentioned our app changes order name and marks previous order as completed.

Our app doesn't even touch those parts of the Shopify store and since you did not even do a test booking our app was not even used.