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Reduce risk! Flag and auto-cancel suspicious or fraud orders.

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Customer History Checks

Flag a customer who cancels too many orders.

Address/Phone number checks

Flag suspicious address or phone numbers.

Auto-cancel orders

Specify your tag to auto-cancel blacklisted customers

Su DeRisk‑it

Flag fraud or risky orders

This app provides you with easy checks to automate the process of flagging or blacklisting fraudulent and risky orders. The app comes with a default set of parameters but you can customize them to your needs.

There are two kinds of checks you can enable.

Historical Checks

These are based on customer history and include the following:

  • Blacklist Check - You can specify any tags that you use to mark your risky customers. If these customers place an order, their orders will be marked with the risk level. You can also automatically cancel orders from these customers.

  • History Check - This check can be used to flag any orders of a customer who repeatedly cancels orders. The defaults are set at 3 orders in the previous 5. This means that if a customer has cancelled 3 of the past 5 orders, the new order is flagged with a risk. You can also use a tag to mark this customer for the future.

Further, there is a second history check which looks at the ratio of the cancelled amount to the paid amount by any customer. This check has a default value of 1, which means when the cancelled amount is equal to paid amount, the customer is flagged risky. You can increase this ratio if you want to forgive and allow more cancellations before flagging. For example, making this ratio 2 means that when a customer's cancelled amount is twice the paid amount, then the order is flagged risky.

Address/Phone number checks

These are based on the shipping address specified by the customer for delivery and include the following:

  • Address Check - This check looks for very short addresses or ones without any numbers as these are considered suspicious. By default, it looks for at least 20 characters and at least 3 numbers in the address. If this is not true, the order is flagged risky.

  • Phone number check - This check looks for short or long phone numbers. By default, the check flags any phone number with less than 10 or more than 13 numbers. But you can change the parameters to suit your needs.

  • Pin code check - NOTE - THIS IS VALID ONLY FOR INDIA. Please do not enable this check if your customers are outside India. This check looks at pin code and verifies that it belongs to the correct state in India.

Please note that there could be some lag between when the order is placed and the time it takes to flag the order. This is usually less than a minute.

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Slime Products

Fantastic service from the app team! This app delivers a simple and easy way for us to automatically cancel our fraudulent orders.


Been using it for more than a week now. Works exactly as promised. The support is amazing as well. Now I am able catch and verify so many high risk orders. Must have for indian merchants with COD!

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11 agosto 2020

Thanks for the note of appreciation. We are working hard to introduce new features all the time too, so please keep pouring in your feedback.