Dexter: The Price Testing App

Dexter: The Price Testing App


Increase revenue by simultaneously A/B testing product prices

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Set up and deploy in 1-min

Launch a price test with a single click in 60 secs. URLs stay the same – you don’t need to make changes on Shopify or Google/Facebook ads.

Create custom traffic splits

You can effortlessly control your tests with custom traffic splits be it a 50:50 split, a 75:25 split or a 90:10 split.

Conclusive data & tracking

See which price is doing better in a single glance. We also tell you when you have enough data for a conclusive winner!

有關 Dexter: The Price Testing App

Increase Profits & Maximize Revenue w/ Price Testing

Looking to level up your monthly sales without spending $$$ on marketing campaigns? Use Dexter to find hidden revenue with price A/B testing.

Top Shopify Plus brands like Usual Wines, Look Optic, The Harvard Shop & 500 others use the app to level-up their revenue game!

The best part?

Dexter is one of the very few apps that lets you price test a product simultaneously in a given period of time whereas others do basic AB test – v1 for week 1, v2 for week 2 and so on.

Here’s how to launch a test in 3 steps:

​​1. Pick a product

  1. Decide how much you want to increase (or decrease) the price

  2. Pick what fraction of visitors should see the test price

Top features

  1. The PDP URL stays the same. You don’t need to change anything in Shopify or your Google/FB ads.
  2. Dexter is compatible with remarketing & cart recovery – users will see the same price throughout the test.
  3. It’s the easiest & most user-friendly tool to test prices. You just deploy with one click and chill; we do the rest.
  4. Easy-to-understand analytics. Nothing complicated here – we monitor the revenue per 100 visitors to tell which price is doing well at a glance.
  5. These tests are of statistical significance so that you don’t run price tests for the sake of it.
  6. We value your time. So, during your first test, we’ll verify whether Dexter is compatible with your Shopify theme within 30 minutes.
  7. Not a feature but we have the BEST support – check our reviews to see if we’re right.


  1. What is price testing? Simple. You divide a pre-defined percentage (50-50% or 90-10%) of your store's traffic to show them different prices simultaneously. This way you can determine which price results in higher revenue.

  2. Is it safe to test product prices? Yes, 500+ brands use Dexter to price test their products every day. Marginal changes in price seldom affect the sales of good products, but often have a substantial impact on the profits you take home.

  3. What type of products are best to run price tests on? Pick a product that has steady visitors and sales. This is where you can quickly unlock hidden revenue.

  4. Are there any limitations to the app? Although we strive for perfection, there are a couple of limitations: Due to the way Google Shopping treats price on the page, sometimes the price split tests might not work (this is the case for all price AB test apps) We don’t support products with >40 variants.

We are a small team, here to help you manage your price to maximise your revenue and profits. Do write to us at anytime you need help!





No limits on number or duration of tests, charges based on number of visitors to the price tests.

5.0 5 顆星


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Nature Backs

Cool product but flawed "one size fits all" pricing strategy. The app charges 3.99 per 100 visitors. I can see how this would be fair for some test - however others, like ours it just seems way too much. We sell t-shirts for around $29 and were wanting to test different price points a couple dollars cheaper or a couple dollars more. With such an impulse item already a LOT of data is needed to determine statistical relevance. We are already at 1000 visitors for one test ($39 worth) and still don't really know anything. It's not that the app isn't valuable, however at what we're paying we will probably end up just doing the tests manually ourselves without the app.



Thanks for sharing the feedback on our app. We are thinking through our pricing model and appreciate your input. We will take this into account as our business model evolves.

Would you be up for us to discuss this pricing with you? we have sent you an email to discuss. Would love to get your input.


I am happy to recommend Dexter as a means of price testing, it is easy to set up and provides easy to view analytics. Vivek from their team was great to deal with for a few questions that I had during setup.



Thank you!
We hope this price testing helps your answer your questions.


This app is awesome, works perfectly and the customer support is AMAZING, the best among Shopify apps in my experience. Thank you for all the hard work the Dexter team provides!



Thank you so much! Glad to be able to help your price testing.