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Sell more using key insights on how each product performs

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Based on customers behaviour

Reports are built on top of your customers interactions with your store

All analysis is segmented

On Product Types, Vendors and by funnels: Collections and Search

New reports added regularly

We work together with our current partners to bring new data and analysis regularly


Product Analytics that helps you grow your e-commerce business by leveraging your data to understand the performance of each product.

As e-commerce veterans we know the full potential of working with data: tracking, storing, processing, processing it again, defining the right formulas and making sense of it. It's still not easy. We're on a mission to make it accessible for everyone.

Dhatma is at the intersection of Merchandising and Commercial departments. It monitors all the actions taken by your clients (product impressions, product views, transactions, etc.), combines it with data from Shopify (Inventory value, Gross margin, Revenue, etc.) and creates pre-made reports to help you make data based decisions. We don't do any sampling, or take any shortcuts. All data is being captured, processed and presented back to you.

User behaviour metrics currently in use: Product impressions per listing (Collections, SRP), Product views, Transactions, Searches, SRP CTR, SRP CR, Search Keywords, Collection views, Collections CTR, Collection CR, Out of stock product views.

Store data currently in use: Inventory value, inventory quantity, gross margin, price

Some of the questions that Dhatma will answer:

  • At what price levels do clients react?
  • What's the Product Conversion Rate of each product (calculated based on your clients generated product views)?
  • Which of my products are hidden from your clients? What percent of my offering is hidden away? What's the inventory value?
  • Which products get a lot of views from my clients but don't generate any sales?
  • Which Out Of Stock products gather a lot of views?
  • Which products are Overexposed (high visibility with low conversion rate) or Underexposed (low visibility with high conversion rate)? What Gross Margin do they have?
  • What Product Types are my clients more interested in? What Gross Margin Rate does each provide?
  • Which Vendors supply the biggest margin value?
  • What Collections perform and which don't? What's the Click-Through Rate or Conversion Rate of each Collection? Which products perform in a certain collection?Which don't?
  • What clients are searching for? What products do they actually see in the Search Results Page? Which products do they click? Which do they buy?

We're enthusiastic to help you onboard, answer any questions you may have or listen to your feedback. You can schedule a call with us anytime on our website. As we're still defining the product, we hope to have you around and help us define it in order to better suite your needs.





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Játszma.ro - A maradandó élmények boltja

We have over 4000 products in our store and it's easy to lose sales if you cannot properly track them and don't know which products are performing poorly. Thankfully with this tool you can analyze each product and product category individually, filter it by vendor and see its performance through different time periods. Really useful!

Jocozaur.ro - Omul potrivit la jocul potrivit

One click setup and surprising reports. It is an useful feature that you cna track the product performance after any changes. Great!


Great! I am finally able to see some good insights on my products performance, collections and search keywords. Very easy, one click install with tracker for page events included, no Google Analytics needed. Recommend.



Thank you! Let us know if we can help you with anything.