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24. toukokuu 2024

DHL Express Commerce is the best thing to happen to my business!!

After speaking to somebody at Shopify, they said that I couldn’t use DHL Express Commerce on my basic account. After speaking to Jack (sales executive) at DHL he said this wasn’t the case and that they were be able to do this.

The following day Jack put me in touch with a guy called Joel (technical team). He had a teams call with me and showed me everything on Shopify and how it is all links together.

I can now ship worldwide and stress free. I would recommend DHL To any small business.

Global Diving Magnets
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17. toukokuu 2024

The support team is great! Joe guided me through the use of the app, helping me to set up all the settings according to my needs. Perfect assistance!
The only flaw is that there is no quick way to attach personal invoices.
Please, develop this option! Highly recommended!

Fiorentini + Baker
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24. kesäkuu 2024

brilliant support - very knowledgable about every aspect of the platform - all issues resolved super fast.

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23. toukokuu 2024

Dealt with Joe who assisted promptly with integration to Shopify store. Always there to assist and couldn't have done any more. Great service.

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29. toukokuu 2024

Set up was talked through via Team Meet with the very helpful Joe. Managed to get it set up quickly and all my questions answered.

Precious About Make-up
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26. maaliskuu 2024

Excellent service

By Aana
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25. maaliskuu 2024

Great support

Pepa US Road Trip POS
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30. toukokuu 2024

Joe Darbon took myself and a colleague through the set and implementation of the DHL Express Commerce integration with our Shopify site today. He was very knowledgeable of the set up requirements, options and functionality of DHL's application.
We are new to DHL and the app, but so far we are off to a good start.

Tracey Neuls
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26. helmikuu 2024

Great app makes the whole process much easier! DHL IT support also outstanding, always there to help and speak through any queries with little to no wait ! Can't thank Joel enough for all his help and on-going support :)

SWAY Hair Extensions
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19. helmikuu 2024

Quite simple to use. The support team have been extremely helpful. Would highly recommend

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