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29 februari 2024

When I first installed this app I ran into a buggy interface and without giving it much thought I uninstalled it. A day later I get an email from Atanas asking me for feedback and when I provided feedback I got an email from Zhivko and because of the communication I decided to install the app again and report the bug and it was fixed. The once buggy interface now works better and the team is quick to fix any issues.

The customer support with this app is really awesome! If you install this app and feel something isn't right simply get in touch with the team and they will resolve it.

I am getting impressions in my MS Ads so this app is effective in pushing products to my MS Ads. I am confident that the interface will only get better and with excellent customer support you're in good hands so give this app a go today!

I would strongly recommend this app without reservation.

Mos Accessories
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29 november 2023

The integration with Microsoft Merchant Center is really easy: without the need to go deep into the details of the integration - no need for ftp setup, csv ot txt files etc. Just link to the account, choose the feed you want and it's done. The reporting section allows to monitor the performance. Other feed management features are very helpfull. One of the most helpful ones - you have all disapproved items in the list together with the reasons of disapproval. Something that is really lucking in Microsoft ads account. No need to downloads reports any longer. All is right there in the dashboard.

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6 december 2023

Our online store is relatively new and undergoing some changes before we get back online in 2024. From what I have experienced of the app, this will be a game changer for our store and we couldn't be happier to have the Diginius Shopping app on board!

Hoggy's Grill
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1 december 2023

The Diginius Shopping app has transformed our online store experience. Its seamless integration with Microsoft Merchant Center eliminates complex setups, and the reporting section offers easy performance monitoring. The feed management features, especially the list of disapproved items, are incredibly helpful. Diginius has become a game-changer for our advertising efforts, providing efficiency and valuable insights. Highly recommended!

The Salt Cellar
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2 augustus 2023

Been an absolute pleasure utalising this app on our online store. Our team is always on the lookout for tools that can enhance the shopping experience for our customers while streamlining our operations. The Diginius Shopping app has exceeded all expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the results.
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29 dagen gebruiken de app