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31 maart 2022

I was struggling with the free one offered by Shopify. This one let's me do what I need to do and more. The Free version was good enough for what I needed but I chose to move up to the pro version. I had good and prompt interaction with support as well.

Pixel Sequence Pros
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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 31 maart 2022

Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate it and I'm super happy that I got up and running in no time!

6 december 2022

Gets the job done smoothly and has very good customer support. Setup was very straightforward and fast. No complaints 5/5
1 dag gebruiken de app
Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 6 december 2022

Thanks so much for the review! Always happy to help whenever we can. If you ever get stuck with anything, just drop us a message!


2 mei 2022

Great app and great service. They were able to create a custom plan to suit my specific needs. They were very friendly and helpful. Many thanks!

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1 dag gebruiken de app
Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 2 mei 2022

Thanks for your review! Glad to have you on board with a fresh custom plan! We're always here to help if you need any.

6 augustus 2022

Great customer service- very quick to respond and helpful. Was having issues figuring a few things out, and within the hour- problem was resolved.

we are spaceplay
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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 7 augustus 2022

Thank you for your review! We really appreciate it. If you ever get stuck with anything, just drop us an email, and we will get back to you super quick :)

29 maart 2023

This app is absolutely perfect!
It does everything they say and more. I'm really glad i found it and i recommended it.

Catita illustrations
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Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 29 maart 2023

Thanks so much for your review! Means a lot!

23 november 2021

Pretty good so far! I'm using this to sell presets and overlays. I have over 60+ items and it works fast and smooth.

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18 mei 2022

I was absolutely dreading moving from one digital download solution to another and have been putting it off; only making the problem worse as more orders came in. Earlier today, I'd already installed what's probably the #1 app in this category and was super frustrated with the project ahead of me, synchronizing past orders, downloadable products, etc., and as I talked with their support and read their documentation, I realized that I had a long a tedious project ahead that seemed unavoidable. And although I've been on Shopify for about 6 years and feel like I know most of the apps out there, I decided to Google and see if there was a digital downloads solution that I hadn't heard of - thank goodness I did. I've done what I expected to take a week, in a matter of hours and their support has been super fast and responsive to answer the questions not already covered in their solid documentation. If you're thinking about a different digital downloads app, just stop and get this one. There's no product count limits or other nonsense, the price is very reasonable and it has all the features you probably need.

Revolution Fibers
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Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app
Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 18 mei 2022

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really glad it was an easy switch over for you, that's what we love to hear :) if you ever need anything, we are just a message away

Bewerkt 17 november 2020

Once again, I've responded to each email you all have sent. No one is replying directly back to my email, which goes to show you how disfunctional your systems are.

Easy Disputing
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3 dagen gebruiken de app
Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 17 november 2020

Hi Easy Disputing, please can you contact us to resolve this? We would love to make this right for us and be at peace.

We have tried repeatedly to contact you but to no success. The issue you are facing is due to files not being linked to a product. This is why there was no email sent. You can easily set this up within the app. Just navigate to the products section, find the product you would like, and choose from the files you have uploaded. You can find more information in our FAQ. Our team who are in Australia and the UK are always available to help.

15 november 2020

You can't pick between different downloads based on the variant, and most annoyingly? You get instant charged for the app as it has NO free trial. I had to bump up the plan to actually be able to try out the features. I realized I didn't want it within an hour and uninstalled it. Today I get a surprise charge for $10. I hate apps that do this. We NEED to be able to trial a program to see if it works with our stack before we start paying money. Unacceptable.

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5 minuten gebruiken de app
Massive Monkey Ltd. heeft geantwoord 15 november 2020

Hi there,

Apologies about your experience with our app! We are currently developing variants compatibility so this will be available in the coming weeks. We have a free plan available where you can use most of our features, the paid plans are additional extras and storage space. We follow Shopify's rules with their payment system, please contact us at so we can help you with a refund. Would you like to use our Platinum plan for free for a month? We are happy to help! We always love tailoring a plan to suit store owners best.

We have progressed the app to a level of perfection, I am confident in saying :) if you are ever interested in using our app again, I would be more than willing to guide and help you through all the changes and upgrades that solve your previous issues. Always here to help! We now include a free trial and Shopify have also now changed the system on how they take payments so you will never run into issues like this again.

27 november 2020

I'm really happy with this app! The free plan covers the essentials and works well. I have just reached out to their support about a small email content issue, but other than that it's great and hasn't got as many limitations on the free plan as other digital download apps.

Modular Wargaming