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31 januari 2021

I have uses this app for handling automatic downloads of music scores for around a year by now. It is easy to handle, reasonable prices for a small business like mine, and the support has always been first class. Quick, helpful and very competent. They even have added new features based on my questions to the support. Recommended.

8 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2021

Thanks so much for your review - we're happy to accommodate your business needs and that you're finding it so easy.

30 augustus 2020

This app is exactly what we needed. We were able to set up a page for downloading our course as well as to watch via streaming. We can send it to our customers as well as sell it as a standalone product. Perfect app.
And their support is the best I've experienced in all the apps I used. They helped me set up everything from scratch until it was perfect.

Prime Active
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7 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 3 september 2020

Thanks so much for your feedback! Glad to see you are making use of our streaming options and that everything is perfect. Your email branding looks great. We love that you're making a positive difference with healthy lifestyle products - good on you!

11 maart 2022

If there was 10 stars I would've given it. The app works like a charm and the Support is even better! Michael Thomas is always quick with a response and comes up with awesome suggestions on how to get the job done efficiently. Can't recommend this app enough, we pay the subscription with a smile. Keep up the great work!
6 maanden gebruiken de app
30 augustus 2020

EXCELLENT customer support. The team is responsive, thorough in their explanations, and the ultimate problem solvers. Also love this app. Has made providing customers their content much easier than having to create 50 different zapier triggers. 10/10. Highly recommend.

Hire Yourself Academy
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 6 september 2020

Thank you! So glad we could make it easier for you. And what a pleasure to work with such a motivated positive client.

16 maart 2021

Great app and great service!
The team has been available for all of our needs, and make everything possible. The app lets us do a variety of things with our digital products and helped us take our business to the next level. We highly recommend this app and team.

AbsMaster Fitness
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6 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2021

Thanks! We're so happy to hear you've been able to take your business to the next level. Great stuff and all the best for 2021 :)

23 april 2021

Team support is very fast! The problem was solved quickly! It's very friendly to download digital products. I'm just a free user. I still think it's very good and can meet the demand. Thank you again, Kelly

5 maanden gebruiken de app
21 december 2020

I had a problem with my file downloads, and reached out to support on a Sunday evening. The issue was fixed pretty much straight away. Now that's what I call support!

Thunder Online Shop
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4 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 21 december 2020

Wonderful, we are happy to help and glad the issue was sorted straight away.
Thank you for your continued support and all the best for 2021.

6 februari 2021

I like everything. A good application and it's good that you can increase or decrease the tariff plan depending on the quantity of goods and the place. It was difficult for me to find an application for my large volume. And this is completely fine. When I could not understand something, the responsive support service solved my questions and helped me find what I was looking for. I also liked the interface. There are many features that are not available in the standard application.

4 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2021

Fabulous feedback! We've worked on making sure the interface is easy, but has all those features people love. Thank you for pointing this out!

12 juli 2020

This is a great app with many thought out helpful features. Had some small issues and we worked them out quickly and easily. No complaints!

Teasley Martial Arts
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 3 september 2020

Glad to see you made use of our streaming mode :) We commend your work helping the health of your students online during these tough global times. Thanks for the wonderful feedback!

Bewerkt 31 maart 2021

Simple and highly configurable. Michael was great at helping us with an order status issue we were encountering

Archetype Themes
3 maanden gebruiken de app
Uplinkly heeft geantwoord 21 april 2021

Wonderful stuff, this is precisely what we were hoping to achieve for this app design. Simple but highly configurable :) Thanks for the best feedback.