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Fecha de modificación: 24 de junio de 2022

i really loved this app before the update. Befoe the update you could add files to draft products now you have to make the listing live to add the digital files which defeats the purpose and makes thing difficult if your store is mainly all digital downloads becasue a customer might try to buy the product when there is no file attached. like why who thought that was a smart idea?now if you add product it dose show up in the app and how can you add file if the app dose not show the item, the work around is going on chrome. so that's fun

Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 17 de julio de 2022

Thank you for taking the time and sharing this feedback with us. We understand that being able to attach files to draft products is important to you, and we'd be happy to share this feedback with our development team. We appreciate you for providing this feedback as they are taken into considerations on future releases. Thanks again. -Elias, Shopify Support

12 de julio de 2022

We use this app to supply free files which accompany bought physical products. It almost works but is very buggy and you have little control over customer notifications (it seems to send them at random). Downloads have also vanished at times and had to be created again. It generates too much customer service traffic, and after three and a half months of struggling with it, we're going to look for an alternative.

Adventure Books by Vertebrate Publishing
Reino Unido
4 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 26 de julio de 2022

I am sorry to hear that you've experienced these issues with the Digital Downloads app but appreciate you taking the time to inform us here. I will be sure to pass your comments onto our development team and I hope that you're able to find an alternative option that works better for you. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. -Victor, Shopify Support

31 de diciembre de 2021

Not working properly, can't add new products, server issues when I go to the app in the admin page.

South of Indigo Photography
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 3 de enero de 2022

I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced issues with the Digital Downloads app and we appreciate you notifying us here. If you have not done so already, you can try accessing the app through another web browser to see if the issue is present there, and if so, you can also try uninstalling the app before then installing it again.

If after doing this the issue is still ongoing, please contact our support team directly so we can offer further assistance and hopefully resolve the problem: -Victor, Shopify Support

5 de noviembre de 2013

PRO: It's free and supports multiple files for one product, which is the primary reason we switched to Shopify. We only sell .jpg files.

ANNOYING BUT BEARABLE BECAUSE IT'S FREE: Having to do some minor things twice, "re installing" the app every time we start using it again, and not having the download link show up on the order confirmation page.

UNACCEPTABLE: 8% of our orders have one of three technical problems (yes, I spreadsheeted the data to get that figure):

1) The email download doesn't show up (yes, we verified that it wasn't in their spam folder)

2) In Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8, customers download the .jpg file but it saves as a MHT file that they can't use (customer service nightmare here).

3) Customer clicks link to download, and it simply says the limit has been exceeded (yes, we verified that the product had a download limit of 2).

On average, we receive a technical complaint directly caused by the Shopify app every 5.5 days. We've verified that other complaints we've received have been at the user end and did not include those in our data set to give you the above numbers.

I don't expect a free app to have the shiny features of a paid app, and I don't even think the paid solutions are that overpriced.

I do expect this free app to do what Shopify says it should do in its second bullet point as of 11-5-13: "Customers get access to content instantly."

Shopify's description of this app is true 92% of the time. So Shopify either needs to change the app description to reflect the truth (come on copywriter, get creative), or it should have one of its developers walk away from the tapped keg, grab some Tim Horton's coffee, work out some bugs and write some scripts.

I look forward to Shopify making this ok app great!

Restored Traditions
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando la aplicación
14 de febrero de 2021

The upload is very slow/ It takes 30 minutes to upload winzip file to the website. I have check my network, and its damn fast.

Jasrina Lovecraft Shop
3 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 15 de febrero de 2021

Thank you for writing your review and I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues with upload speeds for the Digital Downloads app. If you're using large files this may lead to longer upload times, and if possible I'd also recommend attempting to upload your files via a different browser to see if your main browser may be causing any issues.

If you're still experiencing issues, you can contact our support team and ask them to authenticate you on the store so they can take a closer look at these slow upload speeds: Thanks again for providing your feedback to us here. -Victor, Shopify Support

Fecha de modificación: 12 de mayo de 2019

As far as APPs go this APP is okay. It is buggy in the back end if you try and update / revise attachments, you may find yourself using Dropbox and Chimpmail to deliver revisions if you want a real confirmation that people are getting them. Also there is no record of files being sent in the customer order timeline, which I see as a major flaw -- it should show (a) that the attachments were sent and (b) that a revised copy was sent and the date sent. There is no way to even inspect a record of sent digital items.

The upside is -- it is free. But with free you get what you pay for. Also the file size limit is 5GB, much much larger than SendOwl and others who would charge a considerable sum just to send a large file for you, so in that regard, once again it is not a bad product.

Galli Creative
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando la aplicación
21 de octubre de 2020

We connected clickfunnel to our shopify app with digital file using this digital downloads app but Why is it saying "the order has no digital attachment" when in fact it does?

Ananta Stones
Reino Unido
3 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 22 de octubre de 2020

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us, and for letting us know about your experiences with the app. Clickfunnels is a third party service but I'd like to look into this further with you, so I'm going to follow up with you via email shortly. I look forward to hearing from you! - Oliver, Shopify Support

7 de abril de 2021

I wanted to use this app for my e-books and audiobooks, but it only works for my e-boks. When the customer has downloeadet the linkk. The file is empty.

Forlaget drømmefangeren
3 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 13 de abril de 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback here. I would definitely recommend contacting our support team directly so that you can be authenticated and this issue can be investigated by our team. You can reach out to us directly here: -Oliver, Shopify Support

3 de enero de 2023

Unfortunately this app doesn't work for us as we have 15 variants per product and need to send the same digital download to anyone purchasing a specific product regardless of the variant they've purchased.

This means we have to tediously add the same download file to each of the 15 variants, for over 80 products! And potentially more as our site grows.

Ideally, we should be able to upload a digital file and have the choice whether it should apply to all the variants of that product, or certain variants.

A simple checkbox mechanism could achieve this with the question: should this digital download apply to all {x} variants? If checked then we upload our file. If unchecked then we add our files to the respective variants, or different download files to specific variants as is the case with the app currently.

Reino Unido
2 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 23 de enero de 2023

Hey, there. Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing this feedback. We can see how being able to apply a single file when working with many variants can improve the workflow in your use-case, and we'd be happy to share your feedback as a feature request with our development team. Cheers. -Elias, Shopify Support

11 de junio de 2018

Please update the download page to be responsive..

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