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24 de mayo de 2024

App works for downloading digital images, then it stops functioning properly. Its glitchy. Now instead of automatically allowing users to receive a link in checkout confirmation... it "hangs up" and states there is a delay. When I look in admin, there is an unfulfilled status on the purchase.

So instead of automatically fulfilling the order, it hangs up and waits for a response on the admin side.

These orders are all digital download and have NO physical products in the order, which will cuase this issue, but we do not have that case. All digital.

A second issue, if you add your digital file using the link provided when setting up the produce it will not actually add the downloadable file. You have to do this in two steps. Add your product as you normally would, then go in through the app, find the product and add the download file.

Scott Farmer Art
Estados Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 27 de mayo de 2024

Hi, there. Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback! I'm happy to pass this on to our team who looks into improvements we can make. That being said, I'd also recommend you contact our support team through the Help Center here ( so we can take a look at this with you. We'd be happy to review this and see what we can do to help get it working as expected. -Erin, Shopify Support

22 de febrero de 2024

The app is now showing up as "Unsupported" with a warning message in the settings page that says the following.

"This app may not work as expected. Digital Downloads needs to be updated by the app developer. Contact them for support or uninstall the app."

I contacted Shopify Support and their response was to uninstall and reinstall which I'm not comfortable in doing with 300+ products with downloads. Then they said I should contact the developer...

Incase you missed that. Digital Downloads IS a Shopify App and I contacted Shopify to have them tell me to contact Shopify...
Estados Unidos
Más de 5 años usando la aplicación
12 de marzo de 2024

Keep getting message that says this app may not work as expected, it needs to be updated by App Developer.

which is Shopify.
you would think since I'm using shopify they would make sure they keep up with their Apps, so peoples sites work properly.

Rainbow Krew Co.
Estados Unidos
27 días usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 20 de marzo de 2024

Thank you for your review. You are free to continue using the Digital Downloads as long as it continues to work for you, and can ignore this banner if this is the case. We appreciate your feedback on this. -Victor, Shopify Support

Fecha de modificación: 7 de marzo de 2024

The App works as advertised BUT if you have a product with say 100 variants and you want to add a file to the order completion for download Even though all the variants use the same file you have to upload a file for every variant when there is only 1 file you want to use, so shopify again want you to upload hundreds/Thousands of the same file to there servers????????????
Adding a single product without variants is not an option as recommended by Shopify. That's will not work and if it did it's just a band aid for a botched piece of coding

Reino Unido
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 7 de marzo de 2024

Hi, there! Thank you for sharing your feedback. You do need to upload separate files for each variant, since in most cases you would be uploading a different file for each. If you're using the same file for all your variants, I recommend creating one product without variants. You can check out this help document ( for more information! - Greta, Shopify Support

26 de marzo de 2024

Estados Unidos
10 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 28 de marzo de 2024

Thanks for your review! While it is true that our Digital Downloads app is in maintenance mode, we will still implement critical security fixes or fix widespread bugs. -Olivia, Shopify Support

28 de febrero de 2024

This app does not work! Neither does the download link on the confirmed purchase page work, not does the link received via the email work. Pathetic app.

Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 7 de marzo de 2024

Hi, there. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Digital Downloads. I am sorry to hear about this situation. We would expect the links to work, so it sounds like something isn't quite right here. We have some great information here on our help center that you can check out: If that doesn't help you to resolve this issue, then please feel free to contact our team directly so we can take a closer look at this situation: -Rick, Shopify Support

11 de marzo de 2024

The app shows unsupported and dropped all of our download files?

Nebraska Quilt Company
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 19 de marzo de 2024

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. If your files have disappeared and the app is now showing as unsupported, please contact our support team directly so we can look into this for you: -Victor, Shopify Support

6 de febrero de 2024

This app is awful, if you have markets you cannot even set a different email per language. The sender domain is the Shopify domain and not my own domain. There is no option to migrate files, all our downloads had to be done manually. Terrible!

Países Bajos
5 meses usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 8 de febrero de 2024

Hi there, thank you for your review. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback for the Digital Downloads app and how it can be improved. I will be sure to pass on your comments to our development team for their consideration. Victor, Shopify Support

26 de diciembre de 2023

In the past few months, this app has become very bad and untrustable. Always fail to deliver digital products. 10/5 times I received complaints from the customers that they didn't receive their download link. In this way, I have to send them manually the files which takes a lot of time... I contacted Shopify support but they told me that I have a problem with my stripe but it's not true. This app was good in the past years, but in the last few months, it's very poor...

Innovation Sounds
Más de 3 años usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 2 de enero de 2024

Hi there, thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you've had this issue and that the Digital Downloads app hasn't been performing as you'd hoped in recent months. I would suggest contacting our support team again with examples of this issue so we can take another look, but if the error persists you can look into other apps that allow for digital files to be sent to customers. -Victor, Shopify Support

25 de marzo de 2024

Tienes que actualizar y no lo haces, mi tienda no deja de decirme que desinstale tu app por que no va bien

STL Studio Collections
2 meses usando la aplicación