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I made a Test puchast in my store and after that is shown Preparing your downloads and untill now i didnt get the file!!
can you solve this please?

Shopifyが返信しました 2020年11月30日

Thank you for sharing this review, and letting us know about the trouble you've encountered with download links not being sent to customers. I'd like to help look into this further with you, so I'm going to follow up with you via email. If you still need assistance with this, please make sure to reply directly back to my email once you receive it. Talk to you soon! - Oliver, Shopify Support


A nice start, but one star from me until you can attach multiple files to the same product variant. Shopify's suggestion of attaching a .zip file is useless: many people don't know how to use them, and we lose the vast number of customers who are purchasing on mobile devices that can't handle .zip files.


The app worked in the beginning but after it is not fulfilling any order, not providing any link in the checkout and not sending any mail with the lin, I have to do all of this manually. basically is like if the app is not installed. I already tried to modify all the options in the app but nothing works. the app needs to be fix.

Molly on the prod

This app is awful. I’ve had nothing but issues. The download links never work for my customers. It just sends them to a page stating that there is an error and the file can’t be found. I’ve reached out to shopify so many times about this issue and they aren’t helpful and keep telling me everything is fine. I’m losing customers. I strictly sell digital downloads and I cannot be expected to email each customer individually their items. It’s time consuming and inefficient. I’m looking for a new app to begin using because I cannot deal with this one anymore.

Shopifyが返信しました 2022年6月21日

Thank you for writing your review. I am sorry to hear that you've had these issues with the Digital Downloads app and that you have not received the support you've required thus far.

I appreciate that you've not been happy with the help you've received, but I would encourage you to contact us again if you're still having problems and wish to use the app. If the download links aren't working properly this should be something we can troubleshoot. You can contact our support team directly here: -Victor, Shopify Support


This app does not work when I download it. Says "Server Error". Any guesses why it's not working? Can anyone recommend me another free app where I can sell digital products, thanks.

The Relaxed Company


I process between 30 & 40 orders a day for digital downloads and every day I receive complaints from customers that they have not received the download link. I have contacted support several times and they always say that they don't see a reason why the e-mail was not received. When I look in the app I am finding that every 3rd order is going un-downloaded. I'm having to manually go into the app and re-send the download link, which is sucking up an unacceptable amount of my time, in addition to making my business look terrible. Moreover, I can't resend the download e-mail from the Shopify iPhone app, so I have to wait until I'm at my computer and go into the Shopify admin. A ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! I shouldn't have to pay for an ungraded app just to ensure that my downloads are actually being received!

This software/service was supposed to make my life easier and streamline my work. Shopify's interface is easier to use and the POS is integrated, but I'm starting to regret not going with 3D-Cart.


App doesn't load, constantly telling me its my browser after clearing cookies, history and updating everything it still doesn't work.


No multiple downloads for customers possible!
Tried on several browsers and systems: When I purchase more than one digital product, only one is being shown after checkout, only one downlad link is sent to customer. That's a total basic thing which is not working. No recommendation here

Shopifyが返信しました 2021年6月2日

Thank you for writing your review and I'm sorry to hear that you've had this issue with the app. We'd be happy to take a closer look at this for you to see if we can determine what the issue is, and hopefully get things resolved for you. Please reach out to our Support team from the Shopify Help Center here: All the best! -Oliver, Shopify Support


Two orders were placed and neither has been able to be fulfilled. Download keeps saying delay and never coming through

Shopifyが返信しました 2022年2月18日

Hi, HER1221NY. Can you tell me what kind of device/browser the customers are using in this case? It may be possible that the browser is causing an issue here. I would love to dig into this issue further for you - can you please create a live support ticket here:

Thank you -Ivy, Shopify Support


Terrible my customers keeps complaining that the app won't work! I think its a glitch with the app.

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