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Bewerkt 26 november 2014

Highly recommended. Excellent customer service. Scott worked out a bug in the way Firefox was displaying the items the same day with excellent and quick communication, testing it and getting it done right.

This app offer the functionality of the big retailers for a small relative price. We rely on suggestive selling and while this app is new to us, I know it will help our order values increase. Amazon certainly can't be wrong.

Very impressed with the service and the app.

Sub-Shop Bondage and Fetish Superstore
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Ongeveer 4 jaar gebruiken de app
16 mei 2013

Great app! Very simple, loads quickly, good customisation options. It really works! Very impressed. Only minor criticisms are - would be nice to be able to insert recommendations anywhere you like, rather than just the landing, product and cart page. e.g. I would like to add to customer's account pages, or a Recently Viewed page so I can link to it from anywhere (instead I added the recently viewed module on the index page with an anchor name, so I can link from anywhere to "/#recent") Bit of a workaround but it's ok. However, on private browsing it won't track recently viewed, so my link just goes to an empty space.. no way of writing "nothing here". Also, the price seems a bit steep, I think if it was brought down then it would fly off the app store shelves.

All in all though, I've been looking for this app for a long time, and every shopify store should have it and will benefit I'm sure. 9/10

Spoilt Pets
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Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
30 mei 2014

We've tried other recommender apps but this so far is the best we have tried so far. Highly recommended.
Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
4 maart 2014

This is a fabulous apps! Now I can have Most Popular Products Page, Most Recently Viewed Items and more. It sort of completes my Shopify Store. The creater of this apps is responsive and helpful. This is one fundamental apps you shouldn't miss if you want more sales and a touch of "professionalism" for your Store. In time to come, I also hope the creator will offer more tweaks and stuffs in order to raise this apps to a higher level! Kudos!

6 maanden gebruiken de app
28 april 2015

Great app with amazing customer service. Highly customizable recommendations with a little bit of coding, but as said, the team always responds right away and goes out of their way to help.

My Bedroom Spice
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
1 augustus 2016

Great service!! Scott worked on the weekend to help me and altered the design to ensure it is consistent with my site. Have tried a few of the alternatives and this was the easiest to install and had the best service. Really happy!

Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
18 maart 2014

Wow - just installed and this is probably the best Shopify app we've tried yet (and we've tried a lot of them). The recommendations are spot-on and I love that it all runs so "natively" - no lightbox popups or other such junk.

Great job guys and shockingly easy to install.

AT3 Tactical - AR 15 Quad rails, AR-15 Parts, Tactical Flashlights and Lasers, Tactical Accessories
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11 dagen gebruiken de app
29 oktober 2010

This app is easy to install and customize, looks very professional. The best part though is the customer service--they are so responsive and friendly, and they keep in touch to make sure everything's working. I wish this company would make a product review app. Highly recommended.

29 oktober 2010

The recommendations make a HUGE difference in sales. They look great on each page and the checkout page, as well. It really brings a professional look to the store. Orders started coming in with multiple items on the very day we installed it and now are the norm. It has an amazing effect and is really worth it. Plus, super easy to use, once installed it does the work for you. Recommendations are on every big e-commerce site out there, if you want to increase items per sale, this is the best way to do it.

3 juli 2010

I really like this so far! It was super easy to install and easy to use. Hopefully it will help increase the number of items cusomers purchase!