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App was great and did what it was supposed to! Had it over a year since Nov 2022 before EVER needing customer assistance and customer service was horrible, the lady Elisa was smug and very smart, really wish I could add images of the chat conversation. They acknowledge everyone as Sir, like women don't own businesses. a better generic auto response would simply be "Hi, how can we help you"... Aside from this they have false advertisement which I screenshotted and inquired about, she laughed and stated how the app doesn't do what they have listed and quote "You can uninstall and go find a better app but we will update our listing." Definitely do not recommend. Deleted and found a better app with hundreds of more reviews, does the same exact thing, and has better customer service.


I used this app to see if it did what it says. Unfortunately it didn't work. I was able to screen shot which was supposed to be disabled. Its an awesome concept I just wish it worked.

Oceans Hair
helpyが返信しました 2021年10月25日

Hello Oceans Hair,
We haven't mentioned disabling screenshots anywhere. We are doing what we are saying. Hope you understand and please update your rating.

Thanks :)