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9. prosinec 2023

Your APP now absolutely sucks. While we used it effectively in the past, it now adds code to every product, completely incapacitating our site and requiring us to need professional help. Very disappointing. Actually deserves 0 stars.

The Chicken Pound
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 4 roky
6. červenec 2023

app does not work anymore! for a long time it used to be a very good working app but since a few daysits broken

Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 3 roky
25. říjen 2017

great app! thanks for keeping it free!!

Declaration Home
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Doba používání aplikace: Více než 6 roky
Datum úprav: 3. říjen 2017

Ooo this is great. Allows awesome cross promotion. Let's see how it works with real customers.

Swim Cell
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15. leden 2018

Better then all the other ones I have looked at

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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 5 roky
13. listopad 2017

so far so good! I have only just downloaded the app but the first offer was extremely easy to set up

The Milk Boutique
Doba používání aplikace: Asi 5 roky
6. říjen 2017

This is a really neat tool. It works!

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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 5 roky
Datum úprav: 19. listopad 2017

Great App. This was the 3rd upsell/cross sell app we tried.

The first one we tried had a requirement to manually edit numerous code files and the instructions to do so weren't all that clear. We gave up half way through since we didn't really know whether we were doing it correct or not.

The second one installed OK, but the popup window with the offer had numerous formatting errors as soon as more than one offer was programmed to display to the user for a given product.

Discounted Upsells installed quickly without any errors, and it only took minutes to configure. We immediately saw a huge uptake in bundled upsells. The App paid for itself in a few days.

Zoomy Leisure
Doba používání aplikace: Více než 4 roky
Datum úprav: 31. srpen 2018

The app is so simple, but does exactly what we were looking for. I only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the price of the offer doesn't discount even if we put a lower price. When added to the cart it still rings up MSRP, even when we have the "discount line items" setting marked instead of the single discount code. We have sent several emails inquiring about this with no response. I don't mean to bash, it's a good app. But this has been our experience.

UPDATE: The app has been fixed and applies a discount code in the backend to accommodate the lower price in our offering. It's a little messy on the front end, but it does what it is supposed to.

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Doba používání aplikace: Více než 4 roky
25. září 2017

Great app! After a couple of tries I got it working just fine. Thanks!

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