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Don't bother with these crooks. They overbill you and the guy who runs it threatens to not refund you if you write a 1 star review. Too bad I can't include screenshots in this review. LOL these people are clowns and they are stealing from people who don't pay attention to the transactions. Very pathetic and sad. Poor guy actually said if you write a 1 star review we are not refunding you. Guess what? I wrote the 1 star review and I filed a dispute with amex for the over $4000 they stole from me. Good thing I paid attention and caught it. Don't see this app lasting much longer.

Disputifierが返信しました 2024年5月16日

Virtually every statement in this review is incorrect. You received 320 chargeback alerts between 2/14 and 5/3. You were billed properly for these alerts. 23 of your alerts (7%) were not refunded due to issues like "can't find", "duplicate", and "already a chargeback". We refunded these alerts to you after you mentioned it to our team, though we typically wait until Ethoca credits us to pass that credit onto you.

This article has more info on alert credits: https://disputifier.crunch.help/en/general-faq-s/what-are-alert-credits

Claiming that all alert charges are invalid when you knowingly signed up for chargeback alerts is false and irresponsible. Our pricing is clearly displayed and you are charged per alert received.


Stay away from this shady app. They overcharge for alerts and duplicate charges if you do not pay attention. They Sneakily double charge you and have all these sketchy practices they employ to steal from you as much as they can. One of the most slimy and dishonest apps I ever used. Complete garbage stay away from these thieves! They also won't refund you after you catch them from overcharging you and running up your shopify bill!

Disputifierが返信しました 2024年5月16日

You received 320 chargeback alerts between 2/14 and 5/3. Only 11 of your alerts (3%) were duplicates. Furthermore, we did refund you for these on May 3.

We cannot control incoming chargeback alerts as these are resold from Visa and Mastercard. All duplicate alerts are proactively flagged and displayed on the dashboard as a duplicate, it's not something we hide.

This article has more info on alert credits: https://disputifier.crunch.help/en/general-faq-s/what-are-alert-credits


This is the worst app you could ever use. These people are THIEVES and overcharge. Plus they have a lot of hidden fees that they don't tell you about. I would use chargeflow instead of this app. Ignore these fake 5 star reviews, the owner of this company Mark Wagner has a bunch of friends who are inflating his app's rating with fake 5 star reviews. On twitter he had a lot of heat from other ecom guys for scamming them in many other ways. I've also heard many others have similar issues with this app overcharging and basically stealing your money in the process hoping you won't notice. Especially if you do high volume. If you do small numbers then they won't attempt to steal, but if you do 6+ figures then you can expect them to try to steal from you. They stole over $10k from us. We recovered it by disputing it with our bank and won. Be very careful, I know some people out there who were not able to get their money back. These guys will never refund you as well. AVOID AND STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! Mark Wagner is scum and this app should be removed.

Velora Vibe
Disputifierが返信しました 2024年5月16日

You have not been charged a single dollar by our app. Your claim to have $10K stolen has absolutely no factual basis. We are proud of our reviews and thousands of happy customers. None of our reviews are from "friends". It is extremely easy to see how much money we're charging for your services and we have absolutely no hidden fees anywhere. This is a slanderous and completely untrue review.


We just download disputifier this week
They checked our chargeback on the full history of the shopify
they took all the resolved chargeback of the 6 last years and claimed they resolved themselves
they debited me 9640 dollars today
its a scam
I ll have to charge back the full debit from shopify

Disputifierが返信しました 2023年7月24日

Hi, Your charge was fully refunded within 1 day.

You chose our annual plan which clearly states it's an upfront payment for 1 year worth of chargebacks. This plan is customized based on your sales + chargeback volume. Since you had ~$80K in annual chargebacks, this is the plan made for your store.

We sent a reminder email the day before your plan was charged.

This charge was made extremely clear and you were amicably refunded/switched your plan immediately after you requested it.