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Data modifica: 19 luglio 2021

Great app and very user friendly! The setup was super easy and they take the time to make sure you really understand the returns process. Very happy with it so far.

Art Of Uniformity®
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Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
10 dicembre 2021

This app is free, free, free! Great option for small business owners making sure every cent counts. Set-up was virtually easy and painless. Did take some time to get set-up, however their On-boarding and Customer Success Lead Jeff walked me through the process step-by-step! Jeff was extremely knowledgable and patient. The app completely streamlined our returns process, making it super easy for our customers to process their returns online without the need for them to call our customer service department.

10nineteen Ltd. Co.
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Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
7 giugno 2021

I decided to use this app as a free alternative to an app we were already using. It has definitely done the trick. We had a few minor setbacks at first, but the Doddle team was able to help get everything working in a way that worked well for our site. Seamless integration and an easy to operate return platform.

Dardano's Shoes
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Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
28 luglio 2021

Excellent customer service & everything works as a charm. This helped our company focus on growing, while having an automated system process returns for us. (Plus, its so easy for the customer!)

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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
10 settembre 2021

This app is unexplainably amazing and FREE! The service and support you get from the start is unparalleled from any other application on the market. The initial setup takes a little bit but seems to be worth it in the long run. We are super happy and glad to have found this app. I would strongly recommend this application to other individuals needing a good returns system (for both yourself and your customers). Would rate 5/5 easily!

Warranty Killer Performance
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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
7 giugno 2021

Doddle has been great so far for our customers. The analytics are easy to use and they are open to feedback to make their platform work better. There were a couple of hiccups in the beginning but they were quickly resolved by Doddle.

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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
18 agosto 2021

Great APP with outstanding applications for any online store. Customer Service Team deserves A+++ rating. Thank you

I.T. Mars
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12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
22 luglio 2021

It's free and it works. What more can you ask for?? Fast and friendly customer service. Definitely recommend!

Too Fast
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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
25 gennaio 2022

I am very happy about my experience with Doddle. It's such a gift to have a free portal as robust as Doddle, especially when you're just getting started and need to keep the overhead costs to a minimum. I started with a meeting with Aubrey, who walked me through the app andhow it looks from a customer perspective. Then she took me behind the scenes and showed what I'd be able to do with it as the seller. I was then directed to Jeff with onboarding who walked me through the whole set up and helped me launch it live. Thanks for the great experience. Looking forward to seeing how this helps my customers.

United States of Freedom
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7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
26 dicembre 2021

This app is super helpful and makes your selling process a lot easier. Giving your customer a smooth return process is what everyone looks for! Aubrey gave an amazing intro to the platform and Jeff finished with all the questions that I had left. Great teamwork, organized system and a great app! I highly recommend working with Doodle for your returns/exchanges and the you will not be disappointed with the team that is ready to help whenever you are stuck! Thank you so much.

Lush Apparel Inc
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app