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Instant & Rapid Search Bar. Advanced Smart Search & Categories

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The Smart Search Bar

Lightning fast, dynamic and predictive in nature that understands user behavior in an intelligent way to deliver relevant search results.

Real Time Statistics

Discover in real time how visitors who search multiply the conversion rate with our internal search engine and its advanced features.


Take advantage of Doofinder’s marketing features by displaying banners and promotions associated with specific search terms or campaigns.


With Doofinder you will revolutionize the browsing and search experience of your online Shopify store. Discover this new way to increase your sales.

  • Incredibly fast, search results as you type
  • Smart algorithm that learns from your user behavior
  • Suggestions, autocomplete and visual search

Doofinder adapts to users behaviors

Using our cutting edge semantic search technology, our clients have successfully minimized the common typo errors while performing searches in more than 40 languages

Customize your search results through our search bar

Capability to customize the most sought after products to be displayed first while performing search. You can position the products that interest you the most in the initial results and vice versa

Banner creation for increased visibility of your marketing campaigns

Display promotional banners when your visitors perform searches in the search layer of your Shopify store

Smart Search Bar Insights

What products are your customers looking for? What products do they look for and can’t find them? How do they search? What searches generate more sales?

Access to our advanced statistics panel and discover new opportunities for your business.

Visual and Voice Search

How do millenials search? And the generation Z?

All from their smartphone, by voice and some of them through photographs. Image search is a new alternative way of searching in your shopify store. With this simple act of uploading an image, your search engine will show those similar results. Thanks to our advanced algorithm that allows you to process, understand and index product photographs

Search suggestions and auto complete with Doofinder APP for Shopify

Help and guide your users to make better search decisions. Doofinder will predict your customers search and thanks to our autocomplete functionality that offers search suggestions.

Mobile searches

Doofinder integrates into your mobiles and tablets completely/ totally in a native form. A fast and attractive search engine that offers an optimal experience for your smartphone

Instant Search Bar

The time taken to load your products in your search engine is a critical point in any eCommerce business. Thanks to our search technology that shows the search results in milliseconds

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4.9 van 5 sterren

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Watersports Warehouse

This app provides a massive improvement to the generic in site search and has helped improve conversions. Setting up was very easy with great support. Follow up help from Shaun has enabled us to make further improvements.
Definitely worth giving this app a go.


The value of this app to our site was immediately recognizable and more importantly was very well communicated by Frank Ungredda during the two demos we received. Frank did not push or try to "sell" us on it - he simply showed how/where it could be of benefit - no pressure. The 30-day free trial was critical in confirming his claims regarding search enhancement as well as the metrics it would produce. Bottom-line it made user visits better and provided more specific and focused search term metrics that we could use to augment the Google Analytics we currently use to drive our product focus and marketing dollars.

daniel is the best person , he is patient and explaint everything! software is easy to navigate and any person will be able to use