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24. toukokuu 2022

Dotdigital is an absolutely appalling app in a myriad of ways
- it was extremely complicated to set up (it took weeks) and ultimately you will end up sending emails from a noreply email address which sends a bad message to your customers about how much you want to hear from them! This alone should make you run a million miles the other way... you don't appreciate noreply email addresses as a consumer, so don't do it to your customers!
- expensive (it costs many times competitor products that perform better, have better reviews and are much simpler to implement)
- extremely difficult to implement and they don't like to assist... you'll have an 'account manager' who will quickly go through their extremely complicated app but they basically want you to pay them to set up emails for them. When I looked to find a dotdigital expert on Airtasker there were none because it is not a popular app.
- to top it all off the app then sent an email to our entire Shopify customer database - past and present - subscribed and unsubscribed - with no permission or warning which meant we were inundated with calls and emails from concerned customers thinking they were being phished or our website had been hacked. They also told me that this had happened before causing huge angst for customers prior to me. It is only a fundamentally flawed email software program that would sent out an email to an entire customer base with no warning. I wish someone had warned me before I spent thousands more than i needed to on an app that is overly complicated and ultimately doesn't deliver as well as far cheaper competitors. Having struggled to set up any email flows with dotdigital because it was so complicated, I have had no issues in setting up 4 email flows with Klaviyo (ie the problem is with dotdigital not with my skills after 22 years in business)! Take this as a heads up and research thoroughly before you go down this path. I regret it enormously.

Queen B
Vuosi sovelluksen käyttöä
Dotdigital vastasi 9. kesäkuu 2022

Hey QueenB,

I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been satisfied with our product and services. I know you’ve been speaking with my colleagues about these issues already. I thought it was important to come back on a few of the points you’ve made:

- Shopify installation process: This is quick and easy for the majority of our customers. We’ve made it even easier recently by introducing a new wizard in our 22two release in May (outlined in this article: I’m sorry if you ran into issues that delayed things getting set up. It’s rare we run into issues, but, occasionally it can happen as each customer’s situation/environment is unique
- No-reply from addresses: Customers have many options and flexibility in using custom from addresses and branded domains:
- Training/guidance: Our Customer Success Managers are happy to guide customers on using our product(s) - it’s something they do all the time. If you’re looking for a deep-dive session into a specific feature/function, that’ll sometimes need a dedicated training session delivered by our Training Team
- Unexpected email send: It’s not appropriate for us to respond specifically or directly on the circumstances leading to this incident. We don’t believe this was directly initiated by an action in our Technology or by our Team. Having said that, we’re going to assess whether we could introduce more in-app notifications/alerts to give our customers additional opportunities to avoid this outcome in the future. Overall, we’re really sorry and disappointed this happened, we know it wasn’t what you expected or intended.


Darren H

19. joulukuu 2022

Not worth it. Heavy setup time with little actual support to setup the campaigns given the interface. We never got our foot off the ground to fully use this platform. In my opinion, Klaviyo is easier to self-manage and better at same or lesser cost.
Ometria (£££), ExactTarget (Salesforce) are best, but pricier. My personal experience, with 10+ years of digital marketing experience.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
8 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Dotdigital vastasi 20. joulukuu 2022

Hey Linda Farrow UK,
Sorry to hear you've not been satisfied with your experience. I know you're already speaking with my colleagues in order to resolve this.
Darren H