Double Check

Double Check

作成: Avia Solutions

Save time and money by minimizing shipping errors

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Improve the picking, packing and shipping process with Double Check

Take control of your logistics! Reduce your reliance on manual checks and let Double Check do the heavy lifting. Pick, pack and ship more efficiently and increase the accuracy of your shipments.

Scan the order, scan each product, and your order is ready to go!

Double Check will prompt you when it detects an error, such as:

  • Incorrect size or style scanned
  • Item double-picked in order picking
  • Item forgotten in order picking

When you add Double Check to your fulfillment process, you can breathe easy, knowing that your customers will get exactly what they ordered, every time. Stop wasting money on returns and re-ships — Double Check makes sure your orders are correct before they’re sent on their way.

Adding Double Check to Your Store

Easily implemented into your existing logistics, you can get started on fulfilling in minutes.

Why Double Check?

  • Keep your customers happy by fulfilling faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

  • Lower fulfillment costs by reducing returns and re-shipments.

  • Simple to use with minimal setup required, Double Check fits in fulfillment operations both large and growing.



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2.9 5つ星

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Cardiff Sports Nutrition

Poor support, slow and clunky overall when it does work. Had to remove as affecting our work rate. Worked well for us to begin with but as product increased and order volumes then it became problematic and need support with issue within hours not days

Sister Jane

Its a simple app, but it does a very crucial part of our fulfilment process and never failed. Since we used it, it made a huge difference in our fulfilment process. Arguably it is not cheap (given the app is really quite basic) but the savings it does in time and errors greatly outweighs the cost.
There are a couple of other apps out there that do a similar process, but Doublecheck was the right one for us and most intuitive. In any event, it is always good practice to trial a few different apps to see what works best.
Did not have any issues with support, but realistically we only had to contact a couple of times for a few question but the app always worked.

i-Bead Inc.

Zero stars. Called and left a message, and sent in a support ticket. Haven't heard squat. Moved on to another similar app with amazing customer service. NOTE: 3 reviews dating back 2+ years........... OUCH!