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10 november 2023

Buongiorno, l'APP è fantastica. L'unica pecca è che quando riprendi in cassa la bozza di un ordine con esempio 2 Articoli a 10.- con 1.- di sconto per ogni articolo e dunque il totale è di 18.-. in cassa invece ti calcola solamente una volta 1.- di sconto dunque sul totale = 19.-. Questo diventa un problema perché la gestione nelle bozza lega lo sconto per ogni articolo. Mentre nel Pos lo sconto diventa sul totale e può creare brutti errori.

Good morning, the APP is fantastic. The only flaw is that when you take back the draft of an order at the checkout with for example 2 items at 10.- with 1.- discount for each item and therefore the total is 18.-. at the checkout instead it only calculates a 1.- discount once, therefore on the total = 19.-. This becomes a problem because draft management ties the discount to each item. While at the POS the discount becomes on the total and can create bad errors.

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7 februari 2022

Overall really good app, but trouble with customer service and taking for every to respond. App says error in fetching subscription, so we can not get to our all ready created draft orders. Still cant get any help hours after sending email to support.

Lowcountry Custom Golf- Bogies R Us
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8 maart 2020

Solid application. It's good for taking draft orders and adding it to your cart in the POS app. For some reason this is not a built in feature in POS, so this app is handy for doing that. Also nice that it lets me create new draft orders and add custom line items.

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