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Bewerkt 19 oktober 2021

Installed the app, but it wasn't working, I've contacted the developer and got it resolved within a few emails.

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Lazer Technologies heeft geantwoord 18 oktober 2021

Hi there, I'm so sorry in the delay of response. I was out of town and just got back. I've replied to your email and am ready to help you get the app running well for you. If you can email me back at, I'd love that :)

25 maart 2021

Solid App, Solid team behind the app, fully recommend it. We switched to Shopify POS last year, we do about 100 Watch repairs a week and found this app based on the recommendation from someone at Shopify, it did about 75% of what we needed. I emailed there support with the small changes that would have made this app perfect for how we do repairs, they implemented the small changes like a search bar, were excellent in communication and even though it was a few months (During Covid) as soon as they implemented the updates they emailed me to tell me what they did.

Halifax Watch Company
10 maanden gebruiken de app
30 augustus 2020

Our retail store takes custom orders. We create a draft order with the customer. Up until now there was no way to pull up the draft order in our POS to accept payment when the order was picked up. We had one small glitch getting started but customer support was prompt and had us up and running in no time.
Great App!

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3 maanden gebruiken de app
5 maart 2020

easy to use and helpful for my operations... I don't need to give my staff access to Shopify admin anymore to create draft orders and check out customers... price is worth it since it reduces a lot of my headaches

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3 maanden gebruiken de app
6 maart 2020

Fast and easy setup. Once you install the app you have access to creating draft orders and adding them to the cart. Can even send the draft order invoice link to the customer by email. The custom services thing is smart it's nice to add any custom line items with products from the store and add it to the cart. Super smooth

AnarchStyles Streetwear Fashion
8 dagen gebruiken de app
3 maart 2020

This app helps me a lot with my baking business. With my business we normally sell baking supplies, but we also sell cake and dessert services. The problem I had before was that I didn't want to create a product in my collection for each service I do because all the services can vary in time, cost of materials, etc. So this Custom Draft Orders app is great because now I can create a custom draft order right from the POS and add in any one of my products or create a custom service off the bat. Then I just add it to cart to checkout a customer which makes it super easy.

The Flour Girl | Baking Supply Shop
6 dagen gebruiken de app
17 maart 2020

My jewelry business is mostly around selling jewelry but it also involves repairing jewelry. On POS I could only checkout customers who were buying products, and I had to make a separate quick sale to checkout customers who want repairs. This app is great because now I can add the repairs and the details of the repair in a draft order with my products, add it to the POS cart and checkout the customer one time. Super handy ❤️❤️

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5 dagen gebruiken de app
24 maart 2021

This app makes it super-easy to create draft orders! They're also very communicative which was a big help to me as I was getting setup. Would highly recommend!

Boar and Castle
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4 maart 2020

I use POS primarily for pop up events and the major problem I had was creating custom draft orders and then being able to charge a customer with it. This app is does a good job of letting me create custom orders right within POS and charge the customer on the spot. Great for when I also have to attach a service to an order.

Customer service is excellent - they reply extremely quickly and are able to hop on a call as well.

Ongeveer 24 uur gebruiken de app
3 maart 2020

Love this app. Not sure why Shopify doesn't have this built in to POS. But this app is great for creating and bringing in draft orders into the POS cart, checking out customers and allowing me to create new custom orders and services as needed. My store sells services in addition to products, and there's no other app out there that lets me add custom services with existing products from my store to my POS cart.

I also like this app because it lets me actually create draft orders right within POS. Other draft order for POS apps are good but they only let you bring in existing draft orders that are created from Admin. I can also edit draft orders which is nice.

The other thing I like is that I can attach more custom statuses to my draft order, so it acts like a work order in a way. Customer service is really responsive and great.

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