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6. helmikuu 2024

I would recommend Drip above any other provider I've used, and as a MarTech consultant... I've used a lot. Far and above Klaviyo and Mailchimp, in my opinion. Their automation is really powerful and allows me (and my clients) to really finetune the customer experience for where THEY are in their journey with the brand.

Drip stands out because many CRM/email providers are either highly technical (meaning you need the tech savvy) OR are very easy to use but lack great features. Drip is the only provider I've found that can do great with "easy button" items out-the-box, but also has a robust back-end that allows for more complex editing. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Campbell Corps - Official Store
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11. tammikuu 2024

We went from sending all emails on hubspot -> using drip which saves us a few thousand dollars each month. Drip is easy to use, aesthetics and function of the platform are great, and their support chat is soooo helpful. They're available almost instantly during their work hours. It's been a lean yet powerful email marketing tool for us as a growing start up! Can't recommend enough

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24. lokakuu 2023

If you are a busy small business owner, you need to be using Drip.

Mad Batter Cookie Co.
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13. marraskuu 2023

Intuitive and easy to use. It has a lot of things in a single app, so cart abandonment, product recommendations, etc. not just a pop up. It is expensive but it saves hours per month, so it more than makes up for it.

Greener Life Guides
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21. heinäkuu 2020

Drip is the best email marketing software we have ever used, its the perfect cross between MailChimp (the visuals and ease of use) and Hubspot (the CRM and advanced capacities). Visually it's a treat to work with and the team is constantly coming out with updates and improvements, never stagnant. Highly reccommend.

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13. tammikuu 2022

Drip has been a solid backbone to build excellent post-purchase automation. Their workflows also allow us to build "intelligent" campaigns instead of just sending a series of emails that is responsive to customers' decisions and preferences. The support team is easy to work with too. We highly recommend this.

Health Direct
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14. toukokuu 2021

I'm about 6 months into using DRIP with Shopify. It's a powerful toolset that lets you access customer segment for targeted email coms. I have a c 90k mailing list and the brilliance of DRIP is that i can segment that list down with a handful of logic statements to a tiny focused group that i know are on the cusp of a purchase and only require the lightest of nudges to pull the trigger. I drive about 30k of monthly revenue from it, you can work out the ROAS for yourselves. It's easy to use, quick to learn, the staff are responsive to requests and the reporting is accurate and simple to digest. Once you've factored in your attribution into the wider scheme of GAnalytics ecommerce reporting it's a beautifully effective addition to any marketers toolbox. Oh yeh, 6 months in, it's never fallen down on me once. I wish all store apps were this good.

Evolution Power Tools UK
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19. toukokuu 2021

We've had amazing success using Drip to manage our customer communications to our email database. A solid Shopify integration, a strong ROI, and solid support to boot!

ST Online, Inc
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12. elokuu 2021

We've used many different platforms in the past and Drip by far has been the best Email Marketing platform we've used. Resources and customer service are always readily available, helping you walk through any tutorial you need help in whether it's customer segmentation, workflows, or campaigns. On top of that, Drip revenue has attributed 37%-40% of our e-commerce business in the last couple of months. AMAZING results. We have been very happy using Drip :)

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18. tammikuu 2022

Great email marketing platform and also CRM. Their team is always available to help and receive feedback. Easy to use, very intuitive!!!

UpGrade Brands
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