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17 de março de 2020

BE AWARE of this SHIT!!!
We are 99FAB LLC maintain big inventory. We added DropHippo to make some more sales. But they will take your money and do not ship your item.
Even if you have brain you can check its almost double price then Aliexpress. You can even find the USA warehouse in Aliexpress via Oberlo free.

We stack with few orders. We already paid and they do not respond. Last few order we paid at 03/03/20 21:04 today is 18/03/20 Still we are waiting to ship. Now just think what will your customer do with you.

We already get a dispute from our customer for not shipping. Even they will ship with some fake tracking code that you will see the parcel information will update soon, but you will see it more than 15 days. In these 15 days they ship the item or sometimes not.

We are filing a legal dispute with our bank to all that transaction with Drophippo. And our Lawyer taking the legal step to sue for hampering our reputation. Our legal adviser even talked with Shopify Inc management about the issue, And he was confirmed from Shopify that if any app failed to give the exact service that they advertise on the app page will be terminated from AppStore. They just need a legal complaint via lawyer that we are preparing.

We are not amateurs. We are in these industries since past 5 years. Check our site 99fab.com and take our suggestion:-


Estados Unidos
11 months usando a aplicação
24 de setembro de 2019

Purpose of using Drophippo is to get items faster to my customers, well what a NIGHTMARE! Over the span of 2 months and more than 20 orders, Kevin, Sam & Stephan managed to screw everything up, from blaming it on USPS to blaming it on their USA team. Apparently they are located in the UK and the USA team is completely on their own. I've had customers wait over 20 days to receive items they ordered that were supposedly shipped from the USA, how long does it take an item to be delivered from NY to LA? 20 days really? Really? That's not even the worst thing, imagine your customers waiting 20 days only to receive the wrong item....LMAO!

SAVE YOURSELF, Please DO NOT trust your business to these guys. If you need more proof, I've got screenshots of chats where they gladly displayed their INCOMPETENCE numerous times......Follow me on Facebook @olokofire

Estados Unidos
6 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Drop Hippo 25 de setembro de 2019

Hi there Hazzler, we are sorry to read that you took down the previous 5 star review from the original store owner where we fulfilled all their orders without any problems thus enabling them to sell the store to you as you were confident that there was no issues.

We are sorry things never worked out for you with DropHippo however we can state categorically that we did do our best to ensure that you were 100% informed at all times including providing proof from an online news agency that the USPS facility was closed due to a Mercury spillage, calling USPS directly to try and expedite your packages that were impacted by the Mercury spill and offering to reship free of charge but alas that was not to be.

We would like to wish you and your new supplier the very best of luck and no hard feelings from us here at DropHippo.

Best Regards,

Stefan and Kevin

Editado a 20 de janeiro de 2020

SAVE YOURSELF, Please DO NOT trust your business to these guys.
They send more than 140 wrong products to my customers after me asking them if they are sure they sourced the right product.... and their answer was yes it is
After they send I asked again because something felt wrong, and then they said that one part is different but better.....OMG that was the moment I realized they sent different product, and their answer was: it's the same mechanic just the plastic is different - I prefer not to express my FULL opinion on that kind of "intelligent" answer- it's like working with the badest factories in China
It's now 20.1.2020 I have orders that didn't get to the customers yet since NOVEMBER!!! And their usual answer is will check it....>>>> 2 months checking!!!!!!

Every question or need you have, you have to ask and then to ask again, and then they will ask what did you ask..... you can't just ask for something and be relax they will do it. It's like you manage a BAD EMPLOYEE
It goes like this: you ask for something, you get an answer>> nothing happens>> you ask for an update, you get an answer: for what?>> you have to tell the whole story again>>

Answer to your answer:

- You are right it's 143 wrong products not 140....

- The 3 left products I asked for a refund after 2 MONTHS they didn't deliver to the customer and the last conversation with you on this issue was: "Things slow at the moment" so I wanted to put this poor scene behind me

- "..short supply and our tracking system picked up on this.." - you didn't pick up anything, you gave me the same answer all the time: it takes time for the number to get into the system.... it was me after 2 weeks of getting the same answer that demand to get different answer!!

- Yes, you offered me a full refund - after I put 10,000$ on Facebook - so the meaning of refund is a loss of 10K$!!! because of your fault!
At the last moment, you have found a supplier for a different product(!!) and sent 143 units to my customers saying it will be on time for Christmas>>>
Well, 49 out of 143 didn't arrive for Christmas

The ones that did get for Christmas, came with such a delay...That it is unforgivable for my customers - all the faith I built with them just gone thanks to you.

- I have a different great supplier!!! Doing his job perfectly, no complaints from me at all, because he knows what he is doing.

RC G Car
2 months usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Drop Hippo 20 de janeiro de 2020

Ah Liat - if you could start dealing with the truth that would be helpful. I will break down each complaint so that anyone else can see how we tried to work with you but nothing was ever good enough for you.

Firstly - we didn't send 140 wrong products and that is a lie. You know it and we know it so not a good start to your review, eh?
You are currently waiting for a total of 3 items to be delivered which we have refunded you for today so to say that you are waiting for everything is yet more lies but something that seems to be a common theme with you..

So, let's state the truthful fact of the matter here for everyone elses benefit.

Firstly - you asked us in November to source a RC gesture controlled car which we did do and processed these orders for you. Unknown to us they were in short supply and our tracking system picked up on this and we made you aware as soon as we found out AND OFFERED A FULL REFUND which you declined and I quote you directly "We need to take responsibility" which you will clearly see we have done.

After contacting several different suppliers due to this item being in short supply we did source your gesture cars and sent out ALL of your orders at express shipping that ended up costing us more than what you paid and we NEVER asked for any more to cover this is it was our issue. This was going over and above the "take responsibility" and not what you would get elsewhere as everyone else would have just refunded you then and there which I wish we done now.

I could sit here all day and pick your review apart but that isn't going to do any good as the above is more than enough for people to work out where the issue lay. I would like to wish your new supplier all the very best of luck as they are going to need it.

9 de maio de 2019

I had this app for one week and never got anywhere with this company. There was a lot of back and forth and being left on read. I saw that I was left one read again today and got fed up. Don't waste your time guys. These guys don't have their stuff together.

Estados Unidos
7 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por Drop Hippo 10 de maio de 2019


Not sure what the issue is you had but whatever it is i am sure i can help solve it. Feel free to reach out to me at info@drophippo.com and title FAO Kevin. Or even just email to tell me what was not to your satisfaction within the app.

Kind Regards

19 de fevereiro de 2022

First of all I really feel sorry for whoever wrote a positive review. Guys! This app itself is dropshipping to dropshippers. Most of their products are aliexpress products stored in the US and more. The most annoying part is the double the price of Aliexpress so imagine how much a retail dropshipper would sell their items for. I wish there was add pictures feature here so I can actually show you the insane price difference between them an Aliexpress, literally double the price or even more on some products. They even blocked search by image tools so you can't compare prices but I have own ways. Just choose one of their branded products and search for it on Aliexpress or the internet in general and see what I mean. My advice is if you find any ' supplier' platform that doesn't allow search by image chrome Ali tools just avoid it. Thank me later!

3 days usando a aplicação