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2. maaliskuu 2024

I am bummed. I set this blog up, worked hard to get quality blogs published.

I noticed my free trial was set to expire, so I downgraded the free plan to the Lite plan to activate my account.

Well apparently, because I did not want to stay with the pricier plan, they took my blog offline for a day, resulting in 404's lowering the rankings of my bogs and possibly losing me money.


Botanical Health Clinic
15 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
12. lokakuu 2021

This app claimed SEO friendly but in fact it hurts your store SEO a lot. Too many issues. Uninstalling the app.

Vego Garden
13 päivää sovelluksen käyttöä
DropInBlog vastasi 28. lokakuu 2021

Hey folks, I would love to hear what specific issues you had. We have 1000s of users that are improving their search engine rankings daily. We took a look at your account and were a bit confused at how it hurt your SEO since you had it installed for less than two weeks and didn't officially even launch the blog to your users.

We're all ears and always looking to improve. Hit us up on live chat anytime and hopefully we can solve this for you :)

12. elokuu 2023

absolutely not if you already have a blog. you HAVE to make all those blogs you already did put into 301 redirects. Nothing will update when you make changes unless you do that. The app is essentially something running on their system that you redirect to using your own website. they add code to your theme to do this. if you ever want out and use their service to make blog posts, you have to export everything by csv and upload it to your own site, which would mess up yoru seo by a lot. very archaic tech and not super useful if you already have a built out blog.

Yum Cha Tea Company
Noin 23 tuntia sovelluksen käyttöä
DropInBlog vastasi 28. elokuu 2023

You hit the nail on the head! We are not just a page builder on top of the built-in Shopify Blog. There are so many limitations to what Shopify gives us and adding onto it will just make it even slower and worse for SEO. DropInBlog is from the ground up but still works inside your store. We have a better URL structure and faster page load times — just like Google likes. And as you pointed out we have an easy import from your existing blog and even handle the 301 redirects for you. And for any reason if you ever want to leave DropInBlog and go to any other blogging platform you can export all your posts from the panel. Our goal is to make your more money by ranking your posts higher and driving more customers to your store — that's something we'll stand by.

17. kesäkuu 2020

Another example of overpriced garbage app that does absolutely nothing... There no templates, no visual editor, just simple old school stupid wyzywig freaking editor. I'd give this crap minus 1 million....

Cartel De Amore
23 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
DropInBlog vastasi 19. kesäkuu 2020

Apologies if DropInBlog didn't meet your needs. We take feedback very seriously. We are not a visual page editor (and don't claim to be). We are a blog platform. Our focus is building you a beautiful blog that is joy to write in, drives more traffic via SEO, and converts readers into paid customers. We have product embeds with Add-to-cart as well as a number of templates, but I would like to hear what specifically you are looking for in a blog. We are always developing and taking feedback :)

Muokattu 4. helmikuu 2021

You can write blog posts, and they look okay when you post them. They have three layouts to choose from for the blog listing page (2 of them are terrible). They try their best to offer a decent onboarding experience(it's not good, though). My biggest issue is the price. $50/month is an insult for the tiny feature-set it offers. The SEO features are a gimmick that don't work properly and have questionable value. The actual experience of writing a blog post is terrible. You have no way to customize the appearance or layout of your blog posts. The actual blog creation interface is a run-of-the-mill editor they copied and pasted from some open-source platform. It's a real hassle to use.

Christian Pure
4 minuuttia sovelluksen käyttöä
DropInBlog vastasi 4. helmikuu 2021

We're sorry that DropInBlog wasn't a fit for you. We are very open to constructive feedback as we are constantly working on our product. We are not trying to be and don't claim to be a visual page editor. We are a blog platform focused on SEO.. so it's a bit surprising to hear the negativity on our SEO Analyzer. It was built by top SEO professionals using industry best practices. In addition to SEO our goal is to have a simple way to embed products so that you can convert readers into customers. If there is some part you found hard to use or we didn't make intuitive we'd love to hear your feedback so we can improve.